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We’ve descended into conspiracy theories again! People who don’t feel the way I do are stooges!


You didn’t! (20 characters)


Didn’t leave and take his massive account elsewhere either.



Look at us, wonderful T212 employees, encouraging him to leave!

@Team212 don’t forget my July’s bonus guys!


We must be both in the customer non-retention department


What does the bottom right filter do? Anyone know?

I don’t really understand the relationship between the 10m/1day/etc. drop down and the 1d/5d/etc. buttons.

(I mainly use the android app on a samsung)

The drop-down, bottom right, is the resolution. One point/tick for 10m, 1d, etc…

The buttons are for the timeframe. How long the full graph represents.

As you can imagine, both are linked to one another; although I haven’t checked, it is possible that there would be multiple resolutions accepted per timeframe, up to a limit, or it could be fixed to 1 resolution = 1 timeframe.

Understood, thanks for your help

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I have to admit I do find confusing that you can select a time frame and then still select a level of resolution not “supported” by the timeframe you just selected (i.e. tap 1 week timeframe and then tap 4 hours resolution, that will take you to 1 month timeframe as 4 hours is not supported by the 1-week one).

IMHO after you select a timeframe, the resolution levels that are not supported by it should be greyed out, so it’s clear that the time frame you’re in doesn’t support them, but still tappable so you still can choose to select them and be taken to the graph with that level of resolution, albeit with a different time frame.

Or anyway, if not greyed out, it should be clear before tapping them that tapping them will change your time frame.

@George any thoughts on this? Have you already done some user testing when deciding how to deal with this confusing scenario?

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Guys I finally got the update on my iPhone!

I’ve been playing with the charts for a few minutes now and I can confidently say - Yes, I would trade the red/green colour for the old basic chart for TradingView any day!

I think the difference is day and night. I love how complex the advanced full screen chart can get while keeping the regular one simple and clean, with easy switch between line and candles:

Thank you @Team212 !


I agree. Small improvement could be made in landscape mode: left and right there are huge margins

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Looks pretty much the same to me. :smile: