Trading212 Dividend Tracker

Hi there, i’m trying to upload the CSV but it keeps giving me an error 502 on the server. There is anything i can do to fix it?

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I think this is a fabulous addition for users of T212, as it covers an area which is lacking from the T212 app.
One thing that to me would be helpful is the ability to manually add/remove/edit shares in the Divi Tracker, rather than only be able to maintain it via importing the info from T212 Exports…
I would also like to be able to see a list of your divis chronologically, in addition to month by month. Also, whether you could put in a date to see which companies will issue divis on that day.
But thanks again for creating this, I’m very appreciative.


Hello @Hedgehog

Thank you so much for your feedback! Have you seen the following screen showing expected dividends per month by their estimated dates?

I am planning to add your manual addition route, as some other users have been asking for this feature as well :slight_smile:

I would be happy to hear your thoughts on this screen.


It looks nice, but there’s 3 things not working for me.

  1. There’s no deduplication (if I have overlapping CSVs it will add them double)

  2. There’s no accounting for stock splits and as such f.e. my Google and Amazon prices are wrong

  3. There’s a couple of stocks that I sold out completely, but they still show up

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Hello @Gerben

Thank you for your feedback.

  1. The application uses the ID field on the CSV files, where the system assigns a unique string for the transactions; therefore, I was surprised to hear this. But I will DM you to get more details on this so I can fix it immediately.
  2. There should be a calculation on the splits. Split estimates were disabled, but I understand that Trading212 is not factoring in these calculations. I’m doing it once the file uploads.
  3. This must be due to the split calculations :slight_smile: I’ve re-run all the splits check system-wide; hopefully, your records should also be impacted.
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Might or might not help you but personally I get my open positions through POST (same origin policy prevents this from use in applications like yours though, although one could use Selenium and just get the html generated from this I guess), it returns something along the lines of:

    "open": {
        "unfilteredCount": ...,
        "items": [
                "positionId": "...",
                "humanId": "...",
                "created": "...",
                "averagePrice": ...,
                "averagePriceConverted": ...,
                "currentPrice": ...,
                "value": ...,
                "investment": ...,
                "code": "...",
                "margin": ...,
                "ppl": ...,
                "quantity": ...,
                "maxBuy": ...,
                "maxSell": ...
                "maxOpenBuy": ...,
                "maxOpenSell": ...,
                "frontend": "WC4",
                "autoInvestQuantity": ...

The code generally seems to be formatted as TICKER{exchange shorthand OR _COUNTRY}_EQ for equities.

Examples being:

"code": "SPPWd_EQ",
"code": "BESIa_EQ",
"code": "SLVM_US_EQ",
"code": "AED_BE_EQ",
"code": "CO2l_EQ",
"code": "TEp_EQ",

The above being somewhat easy to parse back to input into another API (although ISIN would be easier). Personally I find that a lot easier to use than importing CSV files as you do not have to deal with splits and history as that’s already included.

Perhaps another way to automate would be to get data from public pies, although that’s very far from ideal. But I’m just trying to find a way without OAuth/public api to dynamically get position data.

Sorry for the rant :innocent:


Hello @Etypsyno

Thank you so much for sharing this. Actually, there is a Chrome extension that exactly does what you are asking :slight_smile: Instead of import and export data in and out, with users permission it would only grab the new data set.

I came to experience ISIN is not the best identifier :slight_smile: CUSIP is the best identifier for this sort of operations. I have seen same ISIN used on same ticker a lot of times.

I am working on a few more steps to keep the user tickers in sync with few data sources for the dividend tracker. Currently, it is my biggest issue because ISIN and tickers are could be all different :frowning:

Once this is done, I’ll test and publish the chrome extension for auto data sync. With the extension I am not bothered with CORS issues as well. Let’s see.

Also this is not a rant at all. I am happy to hear any suggestions :slight_smile: After all, I am trying to build this tool for the community.

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Thank you for responding so fast, really like the tool so far!

Wouldn’t using the extension be against TOS as you could also get sensative data that way (having the authentication cookie allows you to not only see positions, orders and cash but also make trades). It would allow for semi live position updating though which is nice.

The CUSIP is US only and the entire CUSIP number is present in the respective ISIN, same ISIN for different securities is impossible as it’s a unique string per security.

Different tickers could have the same ISIN (as an indivual security can be traded on multiple exchanges under different tickers) but in the end that should not really matter as prices and distributions are the same (underlying security is the same) so the only step would be to convert back to base currency.

Getting back to the original ticker from ISIN could indeed prove difficult (ticker to ISIN is easy though) but as noted before that should not matter really as prices of the same security traded elsewhere should still have the same currency adjusted price (although exchange opening hours might be a problem here in proper syncing as we do not have data on the primary listings by default).

I am so happy to hear you are finding the app useful @Etypsyno

Regarding the TOS, I would not roll the extension right away. I am using this locally for myself atm. Before rolling it out, I would ask T212 to know what I am doing. Again, if they are unhappy, they cannot make it work. In terms of cookies, I am not reading any cookies :slight_smile: All the extensions would marry your T212Tracker id and the data they already sent you. Then it’s recorded on your T212Tracker database.

I need to find someone from T212 to check this as well.

RE: Tickers I have all the tickers that are on T212. I am working on an algorithm to match tickers from different sources. Primarily the exchange markets are used differently on different platforms. For instance, some media use GB, and some use LSE.

The applications I have tested were playing nice with the US market. Some of them were asking me to select the ticker each time. I almost sorted that issue with our community tool :slight_smile:
But again, I would love to hear any anomalies or suggestions on the platform.

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Another suggestion, add Google auth, makes for easier sign up/login:
Firebase Docs (am willing to help if necessary)

Also multiple file imports would be very nice (especially as T212 only allows max 1 year exports)

Also some small style fixes:

  1. Add mb-4 to the paragraph (or its container) above the create your account button:


  2. Update copyright year (would recomend to just add a get year function so you never have to update it)

  3. No styling in choose file for uploading

  4. Currency inconsitency, everything seems to be in € for me while the chart is in GBP

If you don’t mind me asking what is the stack you’re using?


Yeah I know the pain of parsing financial data haha

Happy to help!

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I’ve tried uploading multiple csv files but nothing is appearing? Maybe I’m doing something wrong but does anyone else have this issue?

Hello @Jphilips7
let me have a quick look for you. Did you just used the file you’ve downloaded from the T212?

Yeah I did, tried multiple ones of various time lengths but nothing is appearing

I see the issue @Jphilips7 that is not your fault. Seems like server is a bit busier then normal:(
I will need to upgrade soon. Would you please give it 5-10 mins? Looks like processing few thousand records at the moment to keep prices up-to-date :face_with_peeking_eye:

Yeah no worries, I’ll try it again in an hour to see if it works and will let you know! Thanks for looking into it

@minasm Hi, liking the product so far. Couple of issues, one suggestion, and a question.

It seems to struggle with historical splits, still thinks that I have shares in companies which I have not held for years. When I have looked into this, they are companies which have done for example a 25 for 1 split, changed ticker, etc. I imagine this is a nightmare to deal with. Is there a way where we could maybe set the product to “ignore” a ticker, so that it isn’t recorded when importing? Or to simply delete transactions?

On the dividend calendar page, I presume that this only displays declared dividends as currently I only have four companies showing there. Is this the case?

On the home/dashboard page. The “general report” area seems to be the first thing which you are drawn to on the page and has a “Realised Total Deposits Profit/Loss” figure. In my opinion this does not matter, and is quite misleading. The figure here for me is quite a bit higher than my current portfolio size due to withdrawls which I have made, what is more important is current portfolio value and P/L value and percentage. Is it planned to allow us to customise this page? Remove and add widgets/areas to this page?

And finally, there was mention of a 60-day free trial of the product - what will be the monthly cost once this ends? I hope not as high as some sites which would barely leave you with any of your dividends each month!

Again good job, IMO Trading212 should buy this from you/employ you and integrate into their own site!

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@Rasputin this is great feedback! Thank you.

I am working on a feature to control your imported data, like deleting a ticker.

On another note, I am trying to write the logic and terminology for the application. I have seen many times this created confusion for the users.

I will DM you all your questions, however, let me make one thing clear here. I was planning to add a small fee for the application to cover the server and data costs but then I got a helping hand from some of our users to run this for a foreseeable feature :wink: Therefore, the trial is a mistake. I need to find and crush that little bug :face_with_peeking_eye:

Great tool, I will try out!

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Hi, very nice tool, easy to import the csv’s and see some nice dividend info

Is this planned to be an opensource community tool? is it up on GitHub anywhere?

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