Trading212 Dividend Tracker

@whiskers434 I am glad you found is useful! I want the community to use the tool as much as they like.

Brilliant tool, something that the 212 app is missing. Keep up the good work.

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Thank you so much @e1konobie I can’t say it is perfect but trying to make it a lot better so it helps us see our dividend information :slight_smile:

Hi, thank you for this brilliant tool. But I am unable to access it for the past week or two. Has it been moved elsewhere or is just generally down?

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The URL changed but you should get a auto-redirect. Eitherway the new URL is:

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I found out about a new project today :

It hasn’t launched but if you refresh the landing page throughout the day you can see when Trading 212 add new stocks for trading. It was fascinating to watch. Seems to refresh every so often.

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Seems like a very nice tool. For some reason I don’t see any dividend data other than payments already made. i.e. Dividend Calendar is blank

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Same here, about the dividend calendar being blank

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Hello @gamertota would you please check it again? Looks like it was building your calendar :slight_smile:

My dividend calendar was working earlier but is now blank again.

Pushed a fix for this. Also, looks like new users are enjoying logins with Google and Github :slight_smile:

Thanks! Btw why the last 5 months (my first months of receiving dividends) don’t have the dividends dates?

Hi, in tab “Dividends” when i enter future month column its look like this - multiple positions of one stock. Probably it also have impact on displaing value of dividends.

Btw, nice app, I like it.

Cool tracker,I just have a few issues i need to be educated on. Let say I invrsted in 5 stocks in last month and i have downloaded and import the CVS to track my dividends. This month, if i start a new position in two stocks, must i download a CVS file again or not? Thank you.

Are you going to add the api when it’s released?

Hello @Jakelamp86

Well you have two options for this one at the moment.

  1. Download the last transactions and upload them again, which would not overwrite the existing ones.
  2. You now have the ability to add manual transactions on the Transactions page.

I’ve created a Chrome extension to keep the data in sync automatically, however, I cannot publish it because I do not want to violate any terms or conditions.

hope this helps.

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Hello @RT1101

If you can let me know what you refer to? Do you mean Trading Tracker? If so, PM me and I can try to help you with APIs

Sorry for the confusion. I meant the API trading 212 is going to release in future that is currently in development

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Well, that is T212 API :slight_smile: And I am working on to discover ways to integrate it with TradingTracker platform. However, Trading212 needs to make it available for real accounts for our users to make use of it. Hope it makes sense :slight_smile:


Hi! Is there any plan to release it for iOS ? The app looks amazing, i just can’t find the dark mode to my profile :smiley: