Trading212 Dividend Tracker

Hello @SergiuCC

Thank you so much! I am not planning to make it an open source tool yet. Currently, this application become like a small eco system of tools with different set of languages, including from PHP, Rust, C++, Dart and some frontends like Vue JS.

Hi just wondering if you are making any changes to logic for some of the working out. My Day Gain and Total Gain, are often way off whack. My allocation seems to be whacky too, with it suggesting I have 2.5x the actual amount invested into the stock, but when I delve deeper into my holdings, it shows the correct amount of stocks and the correct price.
When I look into the transactions for said stock, it shows all of my buy orders equal the amount on the allocation, but it doesn’t factor in the sell orders. So for instance,
Total Shares: 33.4310621
Total: £520.08
Total Transactions: 38
Avg price per share: p885.606

Although I have bought £520.08 worth over the years, I also sold:
£229.12 worth and my average price is p830.44 not p885.606

So in my opinion the allocation tab should have current price * current shares not overall put in.
Not quite sure on why the day gain and total gain profit is so out of whack though, would need an insight on the math it’s using.

I have been trying to access your link for the tracker but it says the connection is not secure. Whats going on with it?

Hello @SACTON thanks for the heads up. Looks like my certificate failed to auto-renew. It should be all fine now.

Great ill try it later

Anyone can help me find where I can download the CVS file of my holdings? Thanks

Top right drop down where it says ‘ISA’, ‘Invest’, or ‘CFD’. History, then top right there is a export option :+1:

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