Unbalanced Pies

Pies are a great new feature, we all know that. The ability to create a segregated group of stocks, and have it setup to auto reinvest dividends and either rebalance when any additional funds are deposited, or trade at your current Pie weightings.

What I would like an ‘unbalanced’ or ‘Advanced’ pie to be, is a means to segregate all my investments on the platform into groups and manually trade when necessary.

I could then for example then have a US/UK Motley Fool/Collective Finance pie - one where I buy their recommendations as they come out, and place them in an unbalanced pie, without having to fidget with the weightings to group them together.

Or I could have a Pie of self picked Growth stocks, High Dividend Yields, or ‘Friend Recommendations’, or the more general UK/US/Global stock picks.

It would also be good, if the ‘Pie’ was available as one of the fields within the export function of the app as well, particularly if for any odd reason, I were to hold a security in two different unbalanced pies. Similarly, the export function details Deposits/Withdrawals, it would be good if it could show almost like a kind of cash transfer in/out of each pie, and if a dividend was earned, what pie it came from.

I hope this makes sense, but I think this would make it easier for me to manage a group of my own bespoke investments within the app, segregate and manage the ‘unbalanced’ trading, and also export to my google tracker and compare each individually.