Voting UK listed shares


Firstly this isn’t a problem specific to 212. Freetade and even many of the established and expensive players seem to be affected somewhat.

I notice that while both 212 and freetade offer share voting by proxy solicitation for US listed shares (NYSE/NASDAQ) they and many others don’t for UK listed shares.

Even many full cost brokers don’t offer it, or if they do, there is a catch.

Short of a few, even a lot of the full service (and full fees) brokers will ask for you to request a vote each time, which makes the whole thing more complicated then it needs to be, or ask for a fee.

What I am interested in is why for UK listed shares, in particular, most brokers either can’t offer it outright, or if they do, there are complex administrative hurdles and or fees.

All of the options above are sub optimal, each for thier own separate reasons

In the age of online proxy solicitation where you get the request to vote via email, is it so hard for many to achieve.

I truly want to understand the mechanics and inner workings of this, as in a modern digital age, one would think it should be easy as pie to arrange.

I also asked this question on freetrades community as well as it’s a discussion that’s well worth having

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