What a bloodbath today

Just under 21% right now… you have been warned… :wink:

I don’t do CFDs, but I really hope it goes down so I can buy some more great “stoncks” at a discount.


Currently at 24.5%, @Rygel . Expect a turnaround tomorrow…!

Can’t wait for tomorrow now :joy::man_facepalming:

Secure profits STAT!

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Let it drop. :crossed_fingers:t2:
Funding secured. :joy:

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Here we go again :partying_face:

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It will rebound… It will rebound… It will rebound… It will

Positive thinking :grimacing:

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Do you have a WISH list to go for shopping?

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I added to my Fastly position. Tesla, Apple and Square didn’t dropped enough to add more. With some luck maybe tomorrow. :crossed_fingers:

I sort of do :x

Would say last couple of days has been bad lost 12% in my portfolio since Monday.

Well, being on other side of fence for pretty much whole pandemic, I am unhappy that my portfolio went up 15% in 2 days. :cry: so much of those lovely stonks went 40%… the regret of not buying more kicks in full.

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There might be a second chance if Covid cases rise in the USA or for european stocks if Brexit ends in a no deal.

Simply put, with every stock price increase you buy less extra stock with your div

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I fully expect a lockdown in the US meaning the stocks will rise again. I think a big indicator for here in the uk will be if lockdown is extended beyond December which atm looks likely.

Depends on the stocks I guess some of mine have increased by zoom crashing last 2 days cos of this vaccine news caused it. The thing that’s annoying is 2% of the loss is fx rates.

Really tough to call what’s going to happen in the market over the next few months, as although we have a vaccine en route… it’s still months away. WFH will carry on for months yet.

Is it reasonable to think the penny is yet to drop for many on that front? Perhaps another drop off of recovery stocks and brief resurgence of covid-strong assets?

Totally agree with you, some people seem to think a vaccine will be in here within a month meaning back to the office. They haven’t considered flu season, lockdowns etc.

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Well I wouldn’t mind picking up those AMZN/FB/BABA at discounts if this rotation into value continues. :smile: