What's wrong with CarMax (KMX)!

Great earnings, but price down 8%.

Does anyone understand what is happening

Ugh the whole market is bloody again today so probably absolutely nothing about the business. Just panic sellers either taking profits and holding funds instead or unnecessarily taking a loss.

There’s 10-20% discount on many many stocks.

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This week is apparently statistically the worst week for the S&P, which, in turn, makes it a great week for me with payday tomorrow!

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Doesn’t help when your liquidity is trapped in a diving market.

If this is the case and you’re long term investing and not trading, confident in the companies you’ve picked and have no capital to deposit. I’ve always found it far better to not look at my account.

Edit: Also, bear in mind you haven’t profited or lost anything until you close your position

Unfortunately I do not do long term (except when I’m forced to).