Who else hates google sheets? but also loves it?

running this
FILTER({pie!A5:A19   ,pie!E5:E19   ,pie!D5:D19   }, pie!D5:D19>0   +pie!E5:E19>0   );
FILTER({pie!F5:F19   ,pie!J5:J19   ,pie!I5:I19   }, pie!I5:I19>0   +pie!J5:J19>0   );
FILTER({pie!K5:K19   ,pie!O5:O19   ,pie!N5:N19   }, pie!N5:N19>0   +pie!O5:O19>0   );
FILTER({pie!P5:P19   ,pie!T5:T19   ,pie!S5:S19   }, pie!S5:S19>0   +pie!T5:T19>0   );
FILTER({pie!U5:U19   ,pie!Y5:Y19   ,pie!X5:X19   }, pie!X5:X19>0   +pie!Y5:Y19>0   );
FILTER({pie!Z5:Z19   ,pie!AD5:AD19 ,pie!AC5:AC19 }, pie!AC5:AC19>0 +pie!AD5:AD19>0 );
FILTER({pie!AE5:AE19 ,pie!AI5:AI19 ,pie!AH5:AH19 }, pie!AH5:AH19>0 +pie!AI5:AI19>0 );
FILTER({pie!AJ5:AJ19 ,pie!AN5:AN19 ,pie!AM5:AM19 }, pie!AM5:AM19>0 +pie!AN5:AN19>0 );
FILTER({pie!AO5:AO19 ,pie!AS5:AS19 ,pie!AR5:AR19 }, pie!AR5:AR19>0 +pie!AS5:AS19>0 );
FILTER({pie!AT5:AT19 ,pie!AX5:AX19 ,pie!AW5:AW19 }, pie!AW5:AW19>0 +pie!AX5:AX19>0 );
FILTER({pie!A24:A38   ,pie!E24:E38   ,pie!D24:D38   }, pie!D24:D38>0   +pie!E24:E38>0   );
FILTER({pie!F24:F38   ,pie!J24:J38   ,pie!I24:I38   }, pie!I24:I38>0   +pie!J24:J38>0   );
FILTER({pie!K24:K38   ,pie!O24:O38   ,pie!N24:N38   }, pie!N24:N38>0   +pie!O24:O38>0   );
FILTER({pie!P24:P38   ,pie!T24:T38   ,pie!S24:S38   }, pie!S24:S38>0   +pie!T24:T38>0   );
FILTER({pie!U24:U38   ,pie!Y24:Y38   ,pie!X24:X38   }, pie!X24:X38>0   +pie!Y24:Y38>0   );
FILTER({pie!Z24:Z38   ,pie!AD24:AD38 ,pie!AC24:AC38 }, pie!AC24:AC38>0 +pie!AD24:AD38>0 );
FILTER({pie!AE24:AE38 ,pie!AI24:AI38 ,pie!AH24:AH38 }, pie!AH24:AH38>0 +pie!AI24:AI38>0 );
FILTER({pie!AJ24:AJ38 ,pie!AN24:AN38 ,pie!AM24:AM38 }, pie!AM24:AM38>0 +pie!AN24:AN38>0 );
FILTER({pie!AO24:AO38 ,pie!AS24:AS38 ,pie!AR24:AR38 }, pie!AR24:AR38>0 +pie!AS24:AS38>0 );
FILTER({pie!AT24:AT38 ,pie!AX24:AX38 ,pie!AW24:AW38 }, pie!AW24:AW38>0 +pie!AX24:AX38>0 )
on this

to get this?!

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I’m really not good on spreadsheets, I can the basics but much more so it always impresses me. I much preferred excel but it started having a sign in problem and I’d have to constantly sign in when editing the sheet, so I moved it to google sheets and it’s not bad, just I find it harder to work with in a few ways

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did not do much in excel for a while, but the “script editor” in google sheets is basically javascript and gives access to google app engine. so basically sky is the limit if you wanted to and have the know-how.

does excel provide access to microsoft azure or something similar?

You can code VBA in Microsoft Excel which can control the Microsoft suite like Word, PowerPoint, Internet Explorer etc. and can also call Azure.

It’s a useful tool but a horrible language to work with and I hate it. I haven’t tried the script editor in Google Sheets as this is the first I’ve heard of it but that sounds cool!

GS is the way to go for simplistic measures but it cannot do Goal Seek or proper Conditional Formatting. It also sometimes has problems with Formulas

Excel is much better if you have the skills but everything you wish to do is in menus within menus. Formulas though can screw you over depending on how you import them.