Why are prices on the app different to google?

looking at prices on the app they are rather different to those on google, is there a reason for this?
current on google 174.60
212 180.20

I think in Invest the price updates once the market opens. In Google it might update according to pre-market price as well. (I’m not sure).

I find also a small difference, I don’t know why. Maybe someone else can explain. But in Google it shows also the change in pre-market price.

It will have something to do with their data provider. Orders are still executed at NBBO

@abe If you think they are being dodgy, then report them to the FCA. Every new bloody user is looking for the ‘catch’ because they do advertise the platform being free very aggressively. They make money on CFDs and they never claim that those are free.

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There is no profit made on spread. Trading 212 do not set the bid/ask prices.

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@abe Publicly available sources like Google are not 100% accurate, they can’t afford to provide real-time exchange data to everyone for free.
Their data represents last trade price, not bid/ask & it’s also delayed. Our Invest charts show only BUY (ASK) prices.
Please, take the time to check the disclaimers before making accusations regarding which data’s more accurate: https://www.google.com/googlefinance/disclaimer/