Wider/Custom Web Interface

Nowadays everyone’s monitor is at least 1920px wide. ETFs titles are not only similar, but cut off because there is not enough room. Solution? Please make the UI wider!

I fixed it for me using a custom style using Stylus and made it dynamically adapt to my screen. But an official solution would be much cooler


–ui-width: calc(100% - 800px);

.invest-layout .main {
max-width: var(–ui-width);
min-width: 680px;

.portfolio-section {
flex-basis: 460px;
max-width: initial;

.invest-instrument-advanced {
flex-basis: 800px;
max-width: initial;

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I would like all the screens to be customisable, just my personal preference as I have wide monitor and lots of room to resize to how I want them.


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if you search the threads you will see there’s an enhanced version of web being developed that will take up full screen. coming soon ™

edit. here is the link for you

and the text you are interested in:

"Even though our new UI is much easier to understand and navigate and thus is more welcoming to newcomers, we still believe that our current UI layout can bring a lot of value for an advanced user. That’s why we are making it even more powerful and will include it as an Advanced view within the new web app! This should come out within a month.

And as always, we’re awaiting your feedback!"

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I do use the beta. But it is not full screen on a standard monitor.

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Same here, I have loads of room on my monitor, the beta is just in the middle, it is large so no problems there, it’s just that if the screens were adjustable I could alter the size and perhaps move them about, then I could see even more without having to keep scrolling.

Here is a screen form my 2560 Monitor. It’s not even a wide screen, just pretty standard.
It’s not cool to search through the lists just to get the right stock while 50% of the screen is unused.

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yes but what I’m saying is T212 are developing a new version that will use your wide screen monitor, here is the exact post that states that fact:

Ah thanks, that one got lost in the noise of the thread