Wire card rising

maybe. Would love to have a delorean and travel back in the past to know these stuff, line Marty McFly!

Santander are wanting to buy it out. Could actually happen!! If so easy £5-10 a pop :slight_smile: worth a £100

Insolvency proceedings concerning Wirecard AG were opened on August 25, 2020 (Az.: 1542 IN 1308/20). Creditors had until October 26, 2020 to register their claims with the insolvency administrator.

Wirecard AG filed for insolvency at the end of June. Two months later, insolvency proceedings were opened at the Amtsgericht München – the District Court of Munich – concerning the company and six subsidiaries. For Wirecard AG’s shareholders and investors, the bankruptcy of the former DAX-listed company brings with it the prospect of significant financial losses. Following the opening of insolvency proceedings, they were then able to register their claims in the insolvency schedule as a means of at least partially offsetting their losses.

Purchased just over 800 shares. If the news is correct that’s circulating this is an easy 5x

Translated from a German

The stock of the insolvent payment processor and short-term DAX member Wirecard is going through a wild rollercoaster ride in these hours. Well over twelve million shares last changed hands within a very short time on the Tradegate trading platform alone. The course plus? at its peak, the share price rose by 525 percent? attracts attention and dubious characters. 30.2 cents? not euro? Market participants were ready to pay for one Wirecard share on Monday evening. In the course of trading on Tuesday it peaked at 1.889 euros. A price increase of 525 percent. Is Wirecard back again? The sharp rise in the share price attracts attention and attracts dubious market participants who play with the hopes of the many damaged investors. On questionable Internet portals you can find articles with headings such as “This is what all Wirecard experts have been waiting for? TODAY the time has come: That is why the share rises (Wednesday will be bombastic”. It has long been clear: Nothing will be bombastic here anymore . The only appointments that can be found in the Wirecard agenda refer to the ongoing investigative committee in the German Bundestag. It will meet after the Christmas break on January 12th. Short purchases could be a reason for the au Unusual rise in prices could be covering shortsellers, which have made huge sums of money over the past few months with the collapse of the company and the stock. To realize their profits, they have to close their short sales , which could create an unusual demand for the share. There is no reason that should entice investors to buy Wirecard shares. The paper is de facto worthless. When researching should you don’t let yourself be blinded by dubious sources. Wirecard is NOT an investment, neither on Tuesday nor on any other day. No matter how grandiose the development is.


@Cashurkash thank you for the research I tried to find it but could not.
Where is the source.?

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Of this translation? Yahoo finance chat

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Will post the latest materials I can find folks here’s the latest so far


@Cashurkash it seems to me you’re a high stake roller player whom hasn’t got the patience to hold stocks for appreciation. Just wandering how long you’ve been an investor and also what percentage of your bets turns out wins vs losses?



What about you, are you 100% stocks or do you have bonds as well?

Oh I only do stocks but well spread over 87 stocks a bit like my own etf

Believe it or not I do hold quiet a few stocks for long term. As far as how long I’ve been an investor, in this side of investing just over a year. Crypto currency investing and trading it’s been close to 10years now. I’m 31 so I’ve a while to go yet before I’d class myself as an investor.

If though I see an opportunity I will go for it. Fortune favours the brave and, if it doesn’t work out how you wanted it it’s a lesson well learned (well that’s what I tell myself :joy: lol the wife would say it rather differently).

And I don’t bet in the trading world lol I take calculated risks. I learnt a very hard lesson trading a crypto and lost over 6 figures in one trade as got sucked into the hype only to find it was a dead coin being pumped and couldn’t get out of it. Now a lot more cautious but, I do have a bet on the football or the odd horse. I also own a coffee shop (crap year with COVID restrictions) and currently in the final stages of my CBD manufacturing business coming to life so, I use the investing as my savings account and my children’s future pots

Wish this was available in CFD buying

@Cashurkash many thanks for sharing.

What is your opinion on Agro blockchain PLC, share price is going through the roof and it’s currently trading on HL?

Cant seem to find it on T212

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It’s on the invest section I’ve just looked. To be completely honest I havnt looked at it but, I will make a point to do so today :slight_smile:

It’s ARGO, a little typo may be why u can’t find it.
Defo in the ISA: ticket ARB

Thread here:

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thanks @Alpha and @Cashurkash

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Wirecard is going to get delisted today


Wire card still alive !