Withdrawing More than you deposited by card

So from the documentation it says :

  • Debit/Credit card* - we will refund the money to your card.

the confusing keyword there being “refund”. Meaning the same amount you deposited.
So if you deposited $100, and it turns into $2000 overtime…
How do you withdraw that amount of money into the card or elsewhere?
Basically how do you withdraw your profits… based on experience , has it worked for you?

And last, can you withdraw large amounts to your card? whats the maximum?

Well they said its 0.7% after the 2k limit.
Read the info on the info section.

It will be by bank transfer I would imagine.
My expwrie ce has been mixed transfered x by bank transfer and withdrew to see where it goes and it went on the credit card.
Hece I asked for the credit card to be withdrawn.
Now did another withdraw to see where it goes.

I would imagine that cfd traders that make good money they get their money via bank transfer.

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Is anyone from support able to answer please.

Okay , so you were able to withdraw more than you put in using your credit/debit card?

No sorry not yet.
I have not made that big of a profit.

Just put x amount then withdraw it see if it goes to your bank.

But if u make a profit I would imagine it will be paid since you made it!

Yeah i’ve been searching the forums and I can’t find the answer or someone who has experienced. I do see people having problems withdrawing when their card has expired… or deposited using two methods… But nothing on if the withdrawal is just a “refund” or its the refund + profits. If that’s just a refund i’m wondering if the profits will be stuck in trading212

This is from t and c
Free Funds ” means all Your funds which have not been blocked as security for the open positions and for the positions to limit losses (Stop Loss orders). The Free Funds can be withdrawn or invested;

Withdrawal of funds.
8.1. You cannot withdraw the proceeds of the sale of shares from your account unless and until the sale has settled on the settlement date (usually at T+2).

8.2. Notwithstanding, Clause 8.1 above, we may at our absolute discretion in limited circumstances, after receipt of a request from you, allow withdrawal of little amounts.

8.3. Proceed of sale of shares held in your account can be used before settlement date for the purposes of buying more shares.


The full text is here

Guys, what is all the confusion about?!

For all investors/traders, the expectation (or hope) that they will make profit and withdraw more than they deposited. The broker has to make sure they are complying with the Anti Money Laundry legislation but you will get your money when you want it.


Thanks for your reply