Would you like a pie?

Nice feature and can’t wait to have this pie

Agree - but not if its buggy, as that would be a nightmare! So they do need to finish their testing first!


An amazing feature that I have been looking for as an investor from the UK for a long time! Thank you for your hard work in producing this.

I am keen to see:

  • pies within pies, so we can see how specific sectors are performing
  • be able to use a fractional percentage (0.5% or 4.3% for example) and be able to type these in. From the video the allocation is adjusted using sliders, it would be great to be able to type the percentage number in for those of us who are not too precise with our thumbs.

Many thanks again.


It would be fantastic bonus if this was launched by April 6th :blush:

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Great stuff guys, well done. Legacy brokerage will be toasted soon and Robinhood might crash-land


Lol. At this rate you guys would be floating on the LSE soon


I wish, I would definitely invest lol

As a pretty new investor (outside of my national stock market) I would really enjoy the Pie feature. I was looking with envy to M1 because of that. Anyway… I wanted to ask you a few questions:

  1. How will the dividends be reinvested? According to the pie or the stock that generated it?
  2. Is there any any chance to also use stock that don’t have fractions in the pies? Like rounding up or down if according to the pie the number is not an integer?

I am sure I am going to repeat myself, but I have to say once again I am really excited about this feature.


Hi @adriantc, welcome to the forum! To answer your questions:

  1. The dividends will be reinvested according to the Pie target values you’ve set.
  2. The Pies will work only with stocks and ETFs that support fractional shares. We decided to proceed in this direction because playing with whole shares was going to open tons of corner cases and thus complicating the overall user experience. However, this won’t be an issue for long because our plan is to enable fractions on all instruments.

Hi @George,

On fractional topic. Do you plan to introduce unlimited fracture ie. Buy for 500$ = 4.75787534 of X ticker? Or will you limit to few decimals? Is this even part of major release or down the road?

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Yes, we are currently working on enabling you to “Buy for $500”. And yes, in order to do that we will need to increase the quantity precision.


Thanks for your reply.

  1. Still great… maybe at some point you might consider adding an automatic reinvestment feature on a per stock basis (outside the pie). An accumulate feature basically. That will “reward” stocks that do well, rather than diluting their performance in the pie.
  2. Also looking forward to that. I plan to buy a few less mainstream stocks, but for the moment they can stay outside the pie.

One more thing…
3. I don’t know if you plan this, but it would be great to have a sector view of what I own. It would help a lot with balancing.

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We will support dividend reinvestment for individual investments as well! :slight_smile:

About 3. check my answer here:


Wonderful. I am one happy camper! Thank you and keep up this great work! :slight_smile:

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When can we put our hands on the AutoInvest?

By the end of April.


Hello everyone,

This feature is amazing ! I understand that we will be able to reinvest dividends automatically which is very nice but I have a question.
Will it be the dividend before or after taxes ? For example if I receive a £1 dividend, after 15% tax it becomes only £0.85. Which one is reinvested in the pie? £1 or £0.85?
many thanks and good job !!

You will get the after tax amount on US dividends if that is what you are referring to. In this example £0.85. However you could still be liable to pay taxes on your dividends if it’s over £2000 and not in a tax advantaged account like an ISA.


You will never get rid of the 15/30% tax on US dividends. They’re immediately deducted from the US. No tax breaks over here will erase this tax. And again as said above, if you go over your dividend limit, then you will still need to pay taxes on these- even if they are reinvested

Hi @George, does the Pie automatically rebalance with each investment to maintain the percentages that I’ve set, or are the investments simply split up according to the percentages?

E. g. I’ve set GOOG to be 15% of my pie but it is currently only at 10€ of my 100€ pie. When I deposit another 100€, does 15€ go towards GOOG or 20€? (If GOOG currently took up more than 15%, the latter might even result in buying none of their shares this time.)