YTD Return and total return for each year

Could you add a feature that shows what is your total return for the last year including the floating and all gains from selling.

Also year to date return compare with DOW, Nasdaq and S&P500

Check out my thread on Google Sheets, as sounds like it does what you’re asking. I’m still tweaking it, but it should do what you ask. Change the VWRL on the setup sheet to the ticker you want to compare against.

What you are asking in terms of comparisons, would be different to each user. The Dow/Nasdaq / S&P 500 imo would only be suitable for someone looking to use as a baseline to compare their US investments. Others might want a UK/Euro/China/Japan/Global benchmark - it then becomes difficult to build into a ‘free trading platform’ without inflating their costs which someone has to pick up.

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