2024 most wanted features

I like the idea of pie within a pie, I currently work around this by setting my goal for each pie as my estimated share. Each of my pies currently set to different industries, to ensure diversity. Curious how everybody think pie in pie would work.
Would dividend returns be available at the top level pie or the ‘sub-pie’?
If auto investing, would this only work once available funds are available for the total of all pies? (it would be good if auto invest can be set yo balance stocks too)

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I would love if you could open registrations in Belgium again!

Unfortunately, this is not within our control. The current regulations imposed by the financial regulatory agency in Belgium (FSMA) prohibit us from doing so.

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Are you in the know if there are any changes planned on the regulations that prevent you from operating?

Better to ask your local politician

I cannot comment on any plans, but I can say that we’ll be very happy to open our doors to clients from Belgium as soon as any official changes are announced allowing us to do that.

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Unfortunately without knowing the details I cannot ask much, but it’s fine, I trust T212 is doing their best. It’s not urgent, I’m originally Italian so I can still operate, I asked mainly on behalf of Belgian friends.

Please add partial in specie transfer out from 212 to another provider. Currently partial transfers need to be cash only or a full portfolio transfer.

And voting for London stock exchange listed shares

And lifetime ISA

In the new desktop app (7.7.13) Advanced Tab, kindly add a confirmation dialog box (Do you want to close YES / NO) while closing a chart.

There is no way to UNDO / Revert the deletion if a chart is closed by mistake. A confirmation question will save us time if the chart is closed by mistake.

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@IntInv or leave chart close without having to confirm but remember any custom chart settings for each stock that way if you reopen a chart it will remember. To avoid having to store them indefinitely (when some custom settings may be time sensitive - ie a support level may expire) you could just remember the settings for 30 days.

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It would be awesome if foreign stock prices could be automatically converted to our own currency. This way, we wouldn’t have to constantly check exchange rates to understand the value of our investments, which would be really convenient.

Also, I suggest adding API functionality to link Trading 212 with our crypto wallets. This would allow us to manage all our investments from a single app, which would be incredibly handy.

Lastly, I believe it’s important to grow our community, similar to what we see with eToro. An active and engaged community can help us all learn and grow as investors.

After a brief experience with Trading 212’s CFD platform, I would like to share a few suggestions to enhance the experience. Trading 212’s mobile app is excellent in my opinion - highly user-friendly and organized, even better than those of eToro and Plus500. However, I believe Trading 212 could learn a few things from Plus500’s web interface. The sidebar theme menu and the placement of the chart at the bottom on Plus500 make browsing CFDs much more enjoyable on my desktop. Additionally, their desktop environment offers more analysis capabilities. Perhaps Trading 212 could consider integrating or adopting these features because the current app-linked layout is convenient for beginners, but a different layout would be more practical for a professional mode. For example, I notice that if I want to buy a crypto CFD on Trading 212, I have to click through more steps than on Plus500.

Another suggestion is to give users more control over leverage, similar to eToro. It would be fantastic if Trading 212 could add this option to improve CFD trading via the PC.
Lastly, adding advanced analysis features and the ability to set a guaranteed stop loss in the desktop environment, as offered by Plus500, would complete the experience. I hope Trading 212 considers these suggestions for future updates.

I added a picture of the demo mode to showcase the look and feel of their web interface.

Yes the API needs some love … that is for me one of the major drawback of T212, I would like to be able to manage my pie (i.e. allocation, rebalancing) directly from the API … alternatively I might have to manage these transaction outside of the pie, which is more complex, and defeat the purpose of having this great feature in the first place … many thanks and thanks for the great work and spirit

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I would like the positions edit box to open when I click on the list of positions that can be sorted, not just the list on the right where, I think, they are sorted by opening date or latest edition. Sorry for my English. Thank you.

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How about the option to sell an investment from within a pie and then delete it (not export it) As far as I can see you have to destroy the whole pie to get rid of an investment and then rebuild the pie with the investments you want to keep.

And how to keep track of fees being paid?

Also, possibly the option to merge single holdings with a pie that has that investment in it.

Best workaround is to swap the holding in the pie for a cash fund.

Download your trading statement. It will summarise FX fees if your keen.

You can already import investments into a pie.

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Thank you very much, Dougal. Very useful information. Still getting to terms with the platform. Thanks for your help!

Update: It really was very easy to import individual holdings into a pie - cheers!

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Press the withdraw button on the pie and then press the little x next to the stock you want to merk.

No worries.

There’s a lot 212 could do better, but similarly we all want to keep the ‘lower costs’.

As a community we need to help each other and hopefully direct the developers at 212 as to what is most important to us.

Pies are brilliant - it’s a bit like building your own fund, but similarly you could buy individual stocks and track on a spreadsheet. It’s not quite the same but a balance between the two is good.

There is a 212 API, haven’t seen a lot of apps take advantage of it yet, but if there was integration with say wallmine and others that would be ace. To me it’s like what open banking did to banks, we need similar for brokers. It will get there eventually, it just needs a push!


hoop dat jullie heier iets mee kunnen doen.