2024 most wanted features

Best workaround is to swap the holding in the pie for a cash fund.

Yes that is what I do as well … but not ideal as the fund is not as liquid as cash, and the cash is locked inside the pie.

You might be able to do what OP wants, by going into the pie, removing the instrument you want to sell, click on the overall percentage for the pie (in web) and select “Proportionally redistribute to 100%” … but I would love to have the ability to hold cash into the pie.
Screenshot 2024-05-24 at 07.48.53

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Not sure if this has been mentioned on here but in pie’s there is overview, holdings, autoinvest and sharing tabs would be good to be able to incorporate history of the pie such as dividends earned, info on reinvestment transactions rather than having to go into individual stock history

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For me it’s AutoInvest with self-balancing as distribution mode. :crossed_fingers:
Then my savings are fully automated.

This feature would be followed by pies within pies in my rank.


Can we get Canada’s TSXV Venture Exchange ?

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Using the full screen on desktop would be great.

And being able to see pending orders in one click.


I think there are a few things, some basic others more complex;

  1. fixed term deposits and dual currency deposits
  2. more exchanges, this is really what sets apart T212 from others that offer only US fractions
  3. government and corporate bonds on top of the etf for bonds
  4. options but only small number to avoid issues and speculations.

really looking forward to seeing more things and increasing my portfolio.

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OK, I don’t know if this is new? but the home page has an advanced screen, which is absolutely great, and full screen.

Also it does have 1 click pending orders! :+1: