2024 most wanted features

Are we still begging for a SIPP that nobody knows if and when will ever be rolled out? It would be helpful to at least have an indicative idea of when it could be introduced.

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I voted for somewhere to see all pending orders. The data is in there separately atm, so it feels like it would be quite simple to add in app next to the investments and pies.

It’s relatively low down on the rankings but feels like a quick win.


Is this a feature already being planned ?

No idea, but it has been requested before.

Because workplace ones are expensive and have few options for investing. Most people leave jobs and start another one and like to group their pensions

Why confine to workplace pensions? Nearly everyone has a SIPP. I’d rather have differentiated products and services rather then what everyone else has.

Bid / Ask pretty please. :blue_heart::+1:


Under advise from @Wit I am posting this here

Could anyone have a read of this from the Pie Department :smiley:


:100: :fist: Yes!!

ISA and INVEST should have the BID / ASK


That’s an interesting idea - I’ll check with the team if we can implement something similar in the future.

And thank you all for sharing your suggestions in this thread. We’re reviewing each one and appreciate everyone’s contribution :pray:


To be honest it seems like a no-brainer.
Right now, as I type, I literally have a small watchlist I just made.
I want to turn the list into into a pie, and I can’t do it.
I have to “recreate” it all again.

This is probably and easy thing to link together. Especially considering the 50 instrument max, already applies to both the lists, and the pies.

Nice one Bogi, cheers man :fist:

You can sort of do this. If you create a pie and get to the add instruments screen. At the bottom you can press watchlist and they come up there.

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Yeah nice one, I caught this Scrooge (great name ha!)


The new app will be great once its all sorted

Hi there, I am new to the forum, but like to suggest a feature specific for Daytraders.

Is it possible to set an alert for the ‘total’ profit (so the sum) of the CFD’s on stocks I select?

It is possible to do it individually, but I spread the chances by having multiple CFD’s. And I actually don’t want to set a profit limit or alert specific for a CFD, but all the CFD’s as a whole, so I can check myself if everything needs to be sold or to keep the contracts watching the flow. Individually it would take me too much time.

It would really help reaching the goal (which is a profit target I set specific per day, for example $120 profit) and way more efficient in time and energy.

So my suggestion would be ‘sum of all CFD’s profit alert’.

Have a great day!

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I would like to see option for sorting the stocks in the search list, by name, current price, change etc.

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Expanding on this, similar to how it is possible to put stocks in an order you wish on the lists section, could it be made possible to customise the order investments appear? I’d like to keep companies in similar sectors together, which is possible in a list, but I can’t quickly see my holdings Vs profit without drilling into each investment in a list. Investments has that info from the main section, so it would be great to be able to plot similar investments next to each other.

What you need is pies within pies…

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Users often set buy orders and subsequently cannot see all buy orders in one place or in fact anywhere. For positions where user holds the asset, if they set an additional buy order it does not appear in the portfolio section and there is no place to view all orders anywhere else on the app. Please can you confirm devs are aware of this flaw in the app and that they are planning to fix it? Because it is quite remarkable (and not in a good way!) that in a TRADING app you can’t view ORDERS!

P.S. yes I know they appear in portfolio but only if you don’t own any of the asset yet. In addition, it’s SUPER hard to click through and figure out the value of that order, because 1. order value isn’t shown and 2. because you have to click and scroll down to see it. This is bonkers and there should be an orders page showing price, total value, and status (e.g. open/bought/sold)…like a regular broker would show you. I have had accounts at IG, IBKR and others and this is the first broker who does not show you your orders.

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If you are using the desktop platform you can go into “advanced” view and there is then an icon at the bottom to select orders. Its not perfect but it’s there. There are a lot of improvements and developments required with the new platform but in advanced view on desktop you can see all pending orders

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Update the API, get up to date data from the live one and allow order placing outside of the demo version.

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