Anyone here from Romania?

U use wire transfer/bank transfer right??
So they ask u to add an reciever…and ask for iban and bic. And then they ask u for an adress…but to add an adress u need to knoe postal code…which is the postal code?

Come to think benificiory means end person who recieved cash. Should be personal address…

Where did u git this from?

Answer at your own question:

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Hi. I don’t want to hijack this thread, but is there like an end-of-the-year fiscal gain-loss situation, including dividents, for tax purpuses? I think it used to be called “fisa fiscala” in Romanian. Thanks.

Unfortunately, there is no option for a yearly report, but you should receive monthly email reports which can be helpful for tax calculations.
I see that you can also ask for an annualized report, but not sure how this thing works.

On the other hand, this feature was requested many times before so maybe soon it will be developed.


hey, guys !
T212 nu trimite informatie la ANAF, deci trebuie singuri sa raportam capital gains?

Bineinteles. E ceva normal.

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