AutoInvest - Feedback

Unfortunately no. It’s difficult to emulate pies and everything related in a Practice Mode.

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At this point is not available since it has some features that are not existing in practice mode:

Maybe in future there will be a custom AutoInvest for practice with just the pie concept.

My first impressions about this new feature are very positive.

The only feature that I found complicated to use was the slide to adjust the percentages
it is complicated when we have several stocks maybe +/- button would be easier.

I know they’re also going to add “Pie Within Another Pie” for me that would be the next best thing

Besides I just wanted to congratulate the entire T212 team
Keep up the good work


For this situation you can also tap directly on the % associated with that stock/ETF and then you can introduce directly the number that you want, without using the slider.

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I have the same issue. I created 3 pies, one of which has 50 slices and also has a minimum investment amount of 40 - GBP in my case. I would prefer this to be lower.


@Darthicc @EquityInvestor

I guess your pies have at least 1 slice with 0.5% allocation. This increases the minimum deposit because the minimum order size that pies can handle is £0.20. The low allocation percentage requires the whole investment amount to be higher - 0.5% * £40 = £0.20


Yes, I have a couple of 0.5%.

Thank you for the explanation :smiley: . I will have the 0.20 in mind when I re-organise the pie to make sure that it works for smaller contributions.
Good to know :slight_smile: .

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Hmm, have $15 in cash but it’s not doing anything? Doesn’t have the status bar as usual

When I add more money it doesn’t do anything till I hit rebalance

I am trying to add funds from my free funds. Go to my pie, enter the amount, then after confirmation the bar quickly goes from 0 to 100%, but nothing happened. Free funds keep the same. Ehhhhh?

This works! @chantal try pressing rebalance

@chantal @pbigmoon @fauxylar We’re looking into it. The cash should’ve been invested initially. I’ll post an update later when we confirm what the issue is.

Ok. Thanks! At least I am doing nothing wrong :slight_smile:

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i have the same issue for over a day, but I know the team is working hard to fix this

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Boom, just got access. By @George: this is a gamechanging feature, well done everyone!

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212 Crashes

Anyone else having this issue?

Could we add a button under custom investing that changes it from 0% to 100% selected? Say I wanted to purchase some shares today but saw Tesla just hit an all time high and wanted to exclude them, it would be easier to be able to have the correct proportions and have it readjust if I move Tesla to 0%
Or could there be a tick box to remove particular stocks in the other two options? Just some way to make it easier to do this thanks


Not sure if this has been suggested yet…

When adding stocks to pies - allowing us to add an entire Watched list or select stocks from our Watched list would be great.

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Thank you, the video is very helpful to us!

A few suggestions after a couple days experimenting:

  1. As someone has said, it would be convenient if, when looking at the page below, one can simply touch a stock and go directly to its graph/buy page. Otherwise it takes 3 finger presses, followed by a visual search for the name in another list to get there.

  1. Holdings in a pie would be easier to review if listed alphabetically, or if there were an option to sort either by name or by value.

  2. To mimic what happens in an ETF like VUSA it would be lovely to be able easily to set the target funding distribution of new money to be proportional to the existing values (or equivalently, the share quantites), approximately of course, say plus or minus 0.1%. This would permit users to truely create their own approximations to ETFs. The idea would be to effectively maintain the numbers of shares owned in constant ratios, like 5:4:6:16 for ADBE:AMZN:GOOG:V (which are their current approximate weightings in the S&P 500).