AutoInvest - Feedback

  1. We are on the same page. We had to hide the page due to a bug, but we will bring it back as soon as possible.
  2. I agree we will add sorting options on this page. And an option for custom order as well.
  3. This is an interesting suggestion and use-case. If I am understanding you correctly basically you’re suggesting to base the investment logic around numbers of shares rather than on monetary value. This will result in variable deposit amount (or a lot of spare change in the pie if deposit amount is fixed)
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What I mean is that suppose my pie is currently worth £85 and it is
BLK value £30
AMZN value £30
NVDA value £25

I want to add £25. The new money going into BLK should be 25 x 30/85. This is the way ETFs work. If BLK price was p, I owned q=30/p shares. The new shares purchased will be 25 x (30/85)/p = (25/85) q. So each sharing-holding quantity increases by equally by addition of 25/85 times the number of shares in the existing holding,

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@George I had auto deposit today for 10$, market opens, however my 10$ cash is still cash? Shouldn’t it autoinvest on US market open?

Sorry I see it is an issue mentioned. :slight_smile: was playing lazy reader :beer

Any idea when it’ll be available on web? Really prefer using my laptop over phone :sweat_smile:

By the end of the summer along with a complete overhaul of the web app.


I see, so a while yet to go. Guess I shouldn’t be playing around with my pie too much anyway. Thanks George and T212 team for this, love it!

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I understood. However, if we just make a fund distribution option that follows the actual percentages of the slices it will effectively brake the concept of targets. Their only purpose would be to serve as an indication of how the initial funds to be allocated. (And also for rebalancing purposes but I guess you would never want to do this if you want to follow the ETF)

I’ll share one of our future ideas regarding the pies. We plan to connect to a data feed that will allow us to show the exact holdings of each ETF on its instrument page. This data will also allow us to put a ‘Generate Pie’ button there which will create a pie with the same holdings as the ETF’s. Moreover, this pie’s targets will be synced to the real ETF’s distribution percentages.


I am loving it so far.

Everything I would like included has already been mentioned and seems to be in the works which is very exciting.

I only had one issue, my “blocked funds” weren’t really blocked and I accidentally withdrew all of them which resulted in some of my pies not being complete (as the market wasn’t open). Not sure if this is the way it works or if i shouldn’t have been given the option to withdraw that amount.

Yes, we discovered that issue yesterday. We know what causes it and there is a fix coming. It does not happen with every account but it’ll be better until we push the fix everyone in the beta to have it in mind when withdrawing funds.

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Agreed. I already had an established portfolio of positions. The additions of all of my Pie positions has made my list very cluttered and confusing. One way to overcome this could be to turn my original holdings into a separate Pie in its own right; or, as you say, have a toggle to hide positions that are in pies.

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Thanks for sharing. That sounds like a great idea. You create a pie with fractions matching the holdings of an ETF. If one company, say AMZN, increases its proportion in that ETF because its market cap goes up more than average then one rebalances - but effectively this just means just keeping the ratios of shares bought and sold in roughly constant proportions. ETFs do not need to rebalance: they just buy and sell shares in fixed proportions, like 4 AMZN shares per 5 ADBE shares - excepting when companies go in or out of the index or change their number of issued shares.

There are two simple ways to construct a pie. (a) choose 10 companies, say, and then buy them in equal value weights, (b) buy them proportional to market-cap weights. Most people do (a), whereas index ETFs do (b). Studies have shown that (b) does better as it is somewhat benefits from a momentum investing effect. Personally, I did this recently with a small self-made ETF of ADBE, AMZN, GOOG and V. I bought shares on Trading 212 in ratios of 5:4:6:16 which meant by-value weights of 0.08, 0.42, 0.36 and 0.14 (which I sourced by looking at the contents of SPY ETF). Fractional share were great for doing this as I did not want to buy a whole AMZN share at a time. In hindsight, I have been very glad to have had 42% in AMZN, though the 8% ADBE has done well too.

A portfolio of equal weights is also good. Many portfolio managers think that way and suggest clients are well-diversified when owning 30 companies in equal weights.


I’m not sure if it has been suggested already, but I think the average growth should remain visible at the top while scrolling down to set the percentage of stocks.

And as it has been said before, this is revolutionary and brilliant :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s nice! The custom order I am supposing it will work as in watchlists tabs (long tap and move). But will the Sort option be available for watchlists as well?

As another improvement to watchlists and linked to AutoInvest can be a one tap button like “Turn to pie / Transfer to AutoInvest”. This connected also to what @Richard.W was suggesting:

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Apologies if this has been covered already but having pressed the invest button I am unable to edit or further fund the pie due to an etf in a closed market. It would be great if it were possible to either cancel the transaction or edit the pie while waiting for the market to open. Thanks for all the hard work!

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Hi @George, I reckon I already know the answer to this, but do the holding projections take into account your reinvested dividends? Or will, or can they?

I’d presume, although not a guarantee, you’d be able to make a forward projection of expected dividends and additionally lay that over the projection graph so you can see how that additionally impacts your return over time?

The value accounts for received dividends, not reinvested.

All is good - I was only surprised because I couldn’t find all the stocks that are available for individual investing!

Wow ! I am truly amazed at T212’s drive and innovative thinking … this is truly disruptive !


An incredibly powerful feature, well executed. Some constructive criticism and some stupid questions, apologies if covered elsewhere…

  1. Am I right to assume that the autoinvest amount is additional to any existing regular deposits outside pies? For example, if I have a £300 monthly deposit and a £100 autoinvest in a pie, I’ll essentially be forking out £400 a month, right? 99.9% sure that’s the case, it would be nice to have autoinvest deposits show under the ‘Deposit schedule’ section for the avoidance of doubt.
  2. Targets. I find this a little confusing, anyone able explain the concept in layman’s terms? The tooltips under ‘Fund distribution’ could be clearer and I agree with others that self-balancing should perhaps be the default, I think that’s the behaviour I’d expect.
  3. For some reason, I stuggled to find how to change the schedule under ‘Investing plan’ for a while. Found the button in the end, but maybe it would stand out more if it was blue. Similarly, it’s not immediately obvious that you change percentages manually rather than with the slider. You gots to legislate for users’ stupidity sometimes!
  4. The search function on the ‘Build your pie’ page is not the best. One example, I searched ‘MU’ but Micron Technology’s the 13th result. Outside pies, it’s not even in the top 50. Similar story with tickers like MA. I imagine the boffins at T212 towers could work out a simple way of ensuring that if a search string matches a ticker precisely, it appears at the top.
  5. My biggest ask would be more fractional shares, especially MELI, LITE, ILMN, PDD, YNDX and NOW, but I know it’s in the works and shouldn’t be too long.

Anyway, as ever, it’s just my two pennies’ worth, top work on the whole!

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  1. We could do with some pie-themed icons. :grinning: :pie: