🌊 Earn 1.5% cashback this summer!

The current rate is applicable until the 1st of October this year. Then, the rate will be 0.5%.

Could higher cashback rates like this return in the future?

We’ll announce any changes before applying them. Since there’s still a long way to go until October, it’s too early to say when the subsequent change will happen.

I bought an item at Amazon UK on Wednesdays with the virtual T212 card and it still shows as pending. Is it normal to take so long to complete the transaction?

Yes, I guess the transaction hasn’t settled yet with Amazon.

Just received the cashback, it took almost 1 week (6 days to be exact, weekend may have been affecting?).

@Dougal1984 or @Bogi.H , what is the cost of the physical card in the end?

It was mentioned that there would be a cost, but I haven’t seen the actual number (in £) mentioned. I may have missed it though.

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I’m also interested to know the total cost of the physical card (production + shipment) but for European/EU customers.

@Bogi.H any information on this? And also an ETA for European/EU customers. The summer is coming in Europe (circa 3 weeks). :wink:

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It’s listed under https://www.trading212.com/terms/invest


I used the (virtual) card on perksatwork (category=“Business Services”) but it looks like I got no cashback.
I am going to try TopGiftCards, but I suspect all things giftcards are not eligible for cashback with the T212 card.
Chase debit card does give cashback for those.

@Momchil.G I just realised, the cashback is not held separately in a separate Cashback ‘Pocket’ or ‘Pot’ like Chase and Monzo do it.

Instead apparently you pay it daily into the account balance. This is very hard to actually track and makes micro-saving impractical as you can easily spend your cashback without knowing.

Are there any plans to accrue and segregate Cashback into its own sub-pot? This is how’s it done as standard at other neo-banks.

I don’t get Chase or T212 cashback with reward gateway (similar to perks at work) or yourvoucherstore but do get Chase cashback with topgiftcards. Not tried 212 with topgiftcards yet.

The production and shipment cost will be 4.95 EUR. You can check the numbers at any time from the Terms page by scrolling to the ‘The Trading 212 Card’ section.

Nothing more specific in terms of an ETA for now. We’ll let you know once we have any updates, especially if you’re already on the waitlist :innocent:

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Are we just supposed to trust that these payouts are actually being credited to our balance daily?

Like why not separate the payouts into a separate pot or hold them in a separate pot so that we can claim them for withdrawal at a time of our choosing…?

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You can check how much cashback you received in the app dashboard. The amount is also shown in the details of each transaction.

We covered that in another thread :point_down: We’ll share more once we get closer to introducing it.

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I much prefer as T212 does and not Chase. Because with T212 your cashback earns interests while in Chase not unless you manually move it.

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You can check the daily pay outs in the app, in the history.

The T212 system is nicer than Chase.

It’s not better than Chase or Monzo’s system of actually segregating your cashback funds from the main bank balance. Comingling cashback with the balance is fine for those who don’t intend to save their cashback, but for others like me who want to actually micro-save their cashback, it’s suboptimal to pay it out into the spending balance.

I prefer how T212 does it, not Chase that means bothering to manually move the Cashback each time…


If T212 would consider a 1% long term cashback, I would absolutely ditch Chase, as the interest rate here is better.
Is this option on the table at all?