Fundamental Analysis of Tesla - TSLA

Oh hello max!!

I take it you have a lot of commodity stocks?

I am still holding. Doing pretty good…


Jesus Christ, how long have you held for?

Bought between April and July 2020. I actually had double number than this but sold half for decent profit and so now I can relax and let the rest do whatever.

Edit. I remember when I bought tesla had already doubled in a short space of time and I was thinking I was crazy to buy in but gave it a shot anyway


Well done! Man what a stock this and it will get even better soon.

Do you think they will ever include dividends? That would be perfect.

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Elon has said a company that gives dividends is cresting the hill and is no longer innovative enough because it no longer knows how to invest its money and grow.

He says Tesla has no shortage of things to invest in internally. So i don’t expect dividends for quite a few years.

However as a major shareholder if he introduced dividends he would be making a considerable fortune each month off them, and some believe this is how he will eventually fund his mars city project.

What are peoples thoughts on the Tesla smart phone?

I expect it will be released when starlink has matured a bit, as it will probably use starlink exclusively. Imagine super fast internet on your phone anywhere on the planet without 5G, and probably uses voip instead of conventional phone networks so perhaps no extra charges or roaming costs.

I don’t see how even Apple could compete with that.

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Crazy if you compare to Amazon, Tesla despite having around 20,000% growth still has plenty of growth to come to catch Amazon’s 200,000%.

I think they will do it. Lots of money left to be made, in my opinion.

Imagine if you owned Amazon at the point Tesla is now, and sold because you thought it had done.

There are a lot of people have misunderstood what TSLA is all abut. They thought it is an EV company.

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Also the new supercharger factory in China seems to have largely gone under the radar. It opened earlier this year and can produce up to 10,000 v3 superchargers on its own per year.

Considering they have 25,000 in total currently, thats a huge expansion of the network each year.

Imagine selling the cars and the fuel as well.

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Chicken Genius Singapore :man_facepalming:

On the other hand, it is better than planning to retire with the money of the son of the deceased Nigerian president in exile. I have tesla shares, but chicken genius (I don’t know his real name) is furu (earns only from clicks).

I’m no going to defend the guy, i have no opinion one way or another. I take my information from a wide range of sources. I’ve found some of what he says align with my own judgments, but yes people should think for themselves.

Also i don’t think his channel is monetised, at least there are no ads i can see, but i’m not sure exactly how youtube works tbh.

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On reflection i decided to delete the post above, and probably won’t be posting about them anymore.

Although i’m personally excited about the potential of the company, i don’t want to help sway anyones opinion one way or another. I’m not a finical advisor and would feel bad if people decided to invest based on any info i recommended and lost money.


Surely you have to trust that people aren’t daft enough to invest their money on the basis of what they read online :rofl:

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“Diess connected the Tesla boss to VW’s management conference via video. Musk explained what was behind Tesla’s high productivity - and dispelled concerns about e-mobility.”

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Michael Burry talked a lot of negativities about Tesla (TSLA) as he was shorting Tesla (TSLA), no wonder. He has now learnt the lesson and declaring he’s no longer betting against Tesla.

But what I fail to understand how come an investor/trader who invest in individual stock will use Michael Burry words against Tesla when he knows that Burry is shorting Tesla.

Also, the main Wall Street analysts who talked a lot of negativities of Tesla “Gordon Johnson”

Although many of his prediction have been proven wrong in the past, he is still shamelessly defending his position on Tesla. Just look at his records on other stocks in Tips rank.

Live from his bathroom. It’s becoming a meme.

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That looks like Laurel Lance interviewing, I thought she was killed off in the Arrow?


Have you woken up with the funnies this morning @Dougal1984?