Help us find a new face (and brain) for YouTube

@Briscoe nice video :wink:
If you allow me a hint… since you don’t move at all, keep the auto-focus off… it was painful to watch :see_no_evil:
(sorry I have cinematographer background) :cinema:

I’m working on it :frowning: annoys me too!
Hopefully I’ll have a solution coming up in July.

Trying to improve all the time, the content might not get me the ‘face of 212’ accolade any time soon though


Aswath is the real deal.

He dives straight in with the valuations and offers an unbiased opinion.
Can’t recommend him enough.

Just bare in mind that his videos are quite difficult to step onto for beginners, although he does have a full tutorial series on youtube too.

I’ve given up on 80% of the people on youtube but Aswath I always make time for.


I analyse all the stuff I buy/will buy.

Did he? He lives in Slovenia, it is quite a safe country.

I think Vedran was talking about Youtubers :smiley:

His family don’t, I assume he’s referring to brother sisters mum dad etc when he says family.

Honestly, I wouldn’t want you guys to pick any random person who’s just a normal investor from YouTube using 212 and put them as the face.

The educational videos so far have been alright and I think people turn to other sources anyway for more in-depth information but I digress.

Firstly, would it just be themselves making educational content and being sponsored by you guys or you sending off a script more or less for them to follow?

Going back to what I said first, I think you should be searching for people who have a financial background and really know what they are on about (if they make the content themselves).

I think there’s someone who’s perfect for this role, he’s a Canadian Youtuber called Richard Coffin his channel is the Plain Bagel and he’s been at it for around 2 years now (202k subscribers).
I bring him up because he pretty much already does what you guys need. Makes very good educational videos, really breaks down the subject and makes it easy to digest and he’s a CFA (Certified Financial Accountant). Which when I watch him at least gives me confidence that he knows what he’s on about. When I first started investing watching his videos was quite helpful.

So that’s my two cents anyway, if him not being able to use Trading212 as he is in Canada is an issue getting him in for some guest spots would be a really cool alternative. No one else really stands out.


Chris Chillingworth does incredible, in-depth research. UK based. Interesting to listen to.

Lots of good suggestions!

Hey! Just wanted to drop by and say thank you so much for this :slight_smile:


Hey T212- I don’t think you need a new face. But an additional strand to your current one. Do some research on live day traders - there are quite a few that do a live show 15 min pre market open to 15 mins after. #youtubelive - these get a lot of beginner traders which is great for your app functionality - they are consistently live every day.

They focus on stock spotting tips such as PR, volume, big buys, good credentials etc.

In addition to your technical videos - I’ve found learning from live traders very useful.

You could do both Europe markets and US so two per day.

Just a few I’ve come across:
Warrior trading - US 600k subs
Live Traders - US 200k
Alex Wrinkler - open market live - new starter - US lots of energy but 7k subs.

I’d be keen to see a focus strand on day trading US stocks.

@Tony.V I think we want you to be the new face for YouTube :wink: @Briscoe (5:07)


@cavanhagan @Briscoe

Point taken, though.


Hahaha :stuck_out_tongue:


I just started a Youtube channel targeting more than 300M Arabic speakers. Let me know if you want an Arabic YouTuber :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would recommend @Briscoe , he is really a good guy !!