How to withdraw funds to bank account and not a credit card

I suspect it is this, and unfortunately as annoying as it can be, it’s purpose is for our protection.

I have had similar annoying instances with Betfair and Fidelity.

I fixed my withdrawal options by speaking to 212 directly in my in app chat, and providing additional verification documents to remove my unwanted cards. They were very helpful and it only took a couple of days to resolve.

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In my case, I used at least 5 different cards to fund Trading212 account.
But the card I used the most, the one linked with my main current account, was NOT an option when I withdrawn money last week…
I only had 2 options, 2 credit cards used recently…
I picked one of them and called my bank to let them know that over 13k pounds will come into credit card just to avoid other problems. Banks are doing a lot of funny things ‘for our protection’.
Also they been very nice and said they can transfer my funds from credit card to debit card in 10-12 working days :))
Which means I will have access to my money in aprox 3 weeks after Friday’s withdrawal.
And I was planning to have some cash available to buy the next dip in Tech/growth sector :))))
I think Trading212 should have a list of cards used for deposit, so you can choose where you want your money. Now they just present you 1 or 2 random options from the payment methods you’ve used… And I don’t find standard situation to contact customer service and ask for help in such fundamental matter. This should be easy as 1+1 . Deposit $, Withdraw $ are main functions on Trading212 platform or any platform.
I am not happy :frowning:

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Chat to 212 on the app, they should be able to delete your cc’s so you can withdraw to your other account. You might be getting limited by the amount you are trying to withdraw as normally you have to withdraw to where you deposited first(can sometimes be a stupid AML rule).

That way you could have waited a day/two to withdraw to where you wanted.

What is money recycling?

Using several cards or banks to circulate (the same) money. E.g. creating a cascade of cashback cards to pay each other, and/or bank accounts just to obtain the cashbacks or any other type of compensation.

When banks or credit/debit cards issuers detect a lot (regular) of money entering after payments, some in the same amount and with short intervals between them, they could it as abusive or as money recycling.

A thread about money recycling of a card issuer, Curve:

Using the T212 example, some people could fund their T212 accounts with credit cards to win cashbacks and after that, withdraw the money to the same card, or another card/bank account, that will transfer to the first card:

  • Funding 5k with credit card A
  • Withdraw 5k to credit card A

→ Result: x.yz% cashback (now there is a T212 funding fee for using cards, so the return for the cashback will be less)


  • Funding 5k with credit card A
  • Withdraw 5k to credit card B; C; D and/or to bank account A; B; C; D
  • Pay 5k to credit card A

→ Result: x.yz% cashback (now there is a T212 funding fee for using cards, so the return for the cashback will be less)

The card issuers/banks could found this as an abusive behavior or a breach of their fair use policy and restrict or frozen the accounts and/or cards.

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It’s something annoying certainly. I understand from a point of view that’s is because AML rules and for security reasons.
Nevertheless, I think that activating a 2FA system should allow us to chose the withdrawal destination from already saved funds sources.
It could be trough microsoft authenticator, text message, phone call, email, and so on.
I don’t know how long or how much effort it will take but I guess it’s something achievable.

Although I dont intend on withdrawing cash anytime soon, this process is still a big concern of mine.
My bank swapped my card number last time I got a new card and the card I started investing with is no more. If I continue to use T212 for years to come I am going to have to at some point process the removal of old cards used to top the account so I can withdraw to my most current number and this makes swapping banks a headache also.

T212 should offer the option for users to manage their withdrawal options and cards on file within the website so we can see whats on file and remove cards or funding/withdrawl options we know not to exists anymore.

You can, I’ve been able to delete cards, or select which card to withdraw to, usually limited by the amount that you have deposited.

Lots of other places operate the same, its for your own protection.

Also if you withdraw to an expired card by accident, it should still end up in the linked bank account.

I just tried to Withdraw without finalising the process. the Options it gives me are:

  1. to an ApplePay account which is active
  2. To a card number which isn’t active anymore.

The option to manage the cards and delete that account dont seem apparent to myself within the website? and I dont see it listing my most recent account or direct to my bank account which is my main funding method.

I’m not sure; if the system is updated. But you can only delete the card from the deposit list not withdraw list. The only way to remove the card from the withdrawal list is via contacting T212 via email stating the reason to remove the card from their system.

However at time you can request the withdrawal to specific card on your withdrawal card list, again limited to you amount deposited.

The withdrawal amount is always shows as refunds, and in broken figures never the amount I have deposited.

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I have only deposited with a bank card and a transfer from the same bank. My bank also changed my card number when it expired but I haven’t added the new one. All of my withdrawal requests have been going directly to my bank without issue. In your case adding the new card is probably going to be the best route to withdrawing to your bank again.

I’ll be honest it would be nice to have 1 master bank account that is always an option to withdraw to, rather than rely on card numbers. I know this may not work in theory as some have pointed out above about recycling cash and such, but if you’re not making multiple withdrawals does it matter? Always having a main bank account rather than a debit or credit card would be my preferred withdrawal option.


Hey, :wave:

When it comes to removing inactive cards, we would require a few documents as an AML precaution. There is additional information on the topic in the article here from our Help Centre.


I would like to request for one of my Debit card to be removed from withdrawal funds options.

Which Trading212 Email address should I contact.


You can submit your request via the from here and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Thank you
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