💳 Introducing the 212 Card

Cheers me dears. :slight_smile:

Interest does not accrue on the pending amount, as it is immediately subtracted from the account.

Thanks for clarifying - so if I understand correctly if the funds are then not claimed/transaction doesn’t complete you don’t get interest for that period?

Correct. The funds will already be reserved and will not be eligible for interest payments.

What about for purchases I get a refund on after some time? Technically, the cashback enters my account and I gain interest on my account and then I get a refund. Do I only get refunded the full amount or is the cashback subtracted?

If you try adding it now, it may just work. It did for me!

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Mine also now works with Google Wallet! I’ll continue to use it through Curve until the extra cashback promo expires then just use Google Pay from then on. Currently getting 3.5% cashback all combined.

The cashback is subtracted.

Great to see Google Pay is now available.

does the card not support JPY? Since it isn’t listed I assume you can’t hold JPY on the card?

That’s correct - JPY is not a currency that we offer currently. I’ll let you know if this changes in the future :pray:

thanks for the clarification. I would have thought JPY was a fairly important currency so hopefully you’ll add it fairly soon

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Hello ! Could you please share any updates regarding the introduction of the Trading 212 card in the European market ?


Garmin and Curve…obscure

Hi @rikos96 :wave: We plan to start sending invites to our EU customers at the end of the month.

Stay tuned!


This is great news :slight_smile:

I‘m looking forward for the release!!

If you need a beta tester please contact me!

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Looking forward to receiving the invite!

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Any ETA for starting sending invites?

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