TESLA Q4 Earnings report

Just through to see what you think of today’s Q4 earning report on TESLA that will be announced later on. What is your expecation? TESLA has already hit $900

Briefly hit $900, it’s not unusual for reality to kick in around earnings reports.

Expect some volatility.
Question is what could they reveal that would make the stock price jump?

Plaid Model S date might be announced. The Gross profits might be better than people think. Other than that I’m not expecting much of a shock as analyst consensus seems around in the right ball park. I’d say stock will go down short term since people expect huge outperforms but I don’t see it happening. Never know though

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I have a buy order already with 30% dropped price :smiling_imp:

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Why are you expecting it to go down?

It won’t go down, plenty of amazing news :slight_smile: just watch it will be around $920 today

I think the semi truck is the biggest news tesla could give right now, they are advertising for people to start working on the truck.

I think this is extremely important to the future growth for tesla. Even if you just consider the US, the use of trucks is enormous. If Musk can get the autonomous side right and lease the trucks with this feature the whole motorway train idea could be realised fast making way for full automotive autonomy.

If you can imagine the cost of a semi truck in the US full electric with autonomous driving enabled it could be several hundred thousands dollars or more


I completely agree, trucks are a huge opportunity but it’s not going to happen anytime soon. They take way too many batteries and Tesla are extremely constrained on their supply right now. It makes much more sense to sell the higher margin vehicles first so they get the best return to fund the battery ramps.

Another note on today’s earnings, they may include a chunk of deferred tax allowance which could greatly increase EPS

Why I think Tesla is going above $900 today?

Tesla’s report could trigger $7 billion payout to Musk

First of all Elon Musk has tweeted “Details next week” on 21 January if these details were bad then he wouldn’t even post anything but his confident to shock everyone.


And not to forget. USA has Biden now and his into EV plan.

Even Nancy Pelosi Buys Tesla Calls, Stands To Benefit From New Biden EV Plan

This is going to be a big year for Tesla/

I’m not so sure, even at a low level the semi truck could be the most profitable automotive part yet for tesla, the majority of the truck is low value (void space). They also seem to be partnering a lot more now.

This could be a hundred billion dollar addition to Tesla over the next few years.

The production news will be the catalyst for more growth

All of this has already been priced in, there’s nothing here that isn’t common knowledge.

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Interesting. I was not aware of this.

Surely this is insider trading? If they can work the legislation in after they buy shares?

The margins are no where near big enough, the whole point of the trucks is to be price competitive with diesel trucks. I’m not sure which batter it will use but I don’t think it’s viable. It will use many times more batteries than the cars. I’d have to look into it though

I think you would need to look at it as I don’t see why the margins would be lower than the cars.

Also they will lease 90% so the cost savings could be calculated, not to mention the benefits for the companies that own them with regards to emissions targets

and on top of that. You know how much it cost to service diesel trucks each year? Tesla Trucks will save them money on that as well this isn’t just about getting cheaper trucks what Tesla is doing is providing a quality and come on imagine Tesla Truck with autopilot in future that’s just mindblowing :smiley:

Just read that the tesla semi truck will cost less than $0.24 per mile to run against $0.60 for a diesel truck.
They will start at $150,000 2019 price

and it already has an autopilot? https://www.tesla.com/en_GB/semi

Safest Truck Ever

Enhanced Autopilot helps avoid collisions, a centered driver position provides maximum visibility and control, and a low center of gravity offers rollover protection. Every driver is responsible for remaining alert and active when using Autopilot, and must be prepared to take action at any time.

I know but it still needs a driver, I’m talking about the much praised lorry train idea.

A to b location driver less

They didn’t do this with the cars? The cost savings have to be calculated into the lease cost