Madness or Genius Experiment 💸

First of all folks, I’m not a financial advisor so if you follow please be aware of this fact.

I’ll start with this quote and how the quote in itself has made me think of starting this,

“ Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”

So, on the basis of that quote and following the recent highlighting of a certain Reddit group I’ve decided to do an experiment on the following reasons,

  • The influx of people on the certain subreddit is exploding and I believe this could create a whole market in itself with people following other people’s comments.

  • As people’s minds change daily on what they believe might moon it’s going to ever changing.

  • It will be a diversified pie that will change daily, weekly, fortnightly who knows and, as such it would be a great feedback loop for T212 to see how the feature in itself responds to the trades and the market volatility with halts etc

I will document it and as gesture of goodwill I will also (depending on how it does of course) be making a charitable donation to one or more children’s charities.

Social Experiment Pie

And now, it begins


Only problem is the markets? I’ve bought into AMC but now I’m wondering if they will ever allow us to withdraw/sell any profits.

T212 have issued another warning today

Might face circumstances. Let’s hope we don’t. Don’t think there will be an issue selling as shorts need the shares

Hope not I’ve pumped a bit into AMC, the after hours last night was a bit odd to say the least

I’m not really for the cause in all honesty I’m just after the profits

Think AMC will be ramped up next week more than this week but I’m on it also so enjoy the waves while they are here

This is my first crack at day trading or wave trading or FOMO trading or any other description for having lost the plot and gambling money we can give it.
I just hope it pays off

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If you’ve copied this pie just recheck as I’ve changed it’s balances for the open. I think this could easily be a £1k-£100k challenge following the trends. It will be updated daily/intraday for the next month

*note this is not advise and anyone following just know this could end badly.

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Wallstreet bets started it,sure. But don’t know, have a suspicion that a lot of it is also from institutions which are happy to go into this rally to make money with their computerised trades. When they leave, then panic selling will start

I go with this analysis:

Still looks like a good enough reason to trade?
If we use the swing trade method and the trades actually get executed, there’s big money to be made here

Yes I’ll be making a decision later today wether I’m going to close it each day and reopen with same stocks or updated ones or, wether I’ll hold them until expiry dates

I have almost a £1000 gain on AMC yesterday and decided to hold, if I had sold and rebought before close I could have made about another £400 (low end) before close. Equally t212 could have gone down and I’d have been no better off.

I’m going to try trading it today and leave just the profit in (if there is any) to remove the risk

The joys of trading mate lol you still holding them or you selling off today?

As I said I’m going to trade it till the end of the week and then leave just the hopeful profit in to remove the risk.
So basically 3.5k in currently plus profit, trade for more profit and then remove my initial investment by the end of the week

There’s a clear $14-$19.90 barrier going on currently, this could be a great trading day today

Yeah it looks pretty amazing mate so far. Hope it goes your way and you cash in greatly!!

For a value share that’s got real potential check BNGO out. I added 245 shares in it yesterday with its price dropping with everyone rushing to jump on the steam trains :slight_smile: easily $25+ in the next month

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I will take a look, thankyou.
Hopefully we can all benefit from some wealth sharing

T212 seems to have suspended the ability to buy AMC.

  1. why can I sell my stake, but not buy more? It isn’t for the broker to limit the market on my behalf… the risk is mine, thanks for the heads-up, but if I want to take a risk and buy, then so be it;

  2. if T212 is denying the ability the buy AMC in isolation, that that also affect pies? If I put money into a pie which contains AMC, but that mean the AMC slice won’t be purchased?

This is all a method by the markets to stop the impending rally, it won’t work as there’s always a way

They havnt suspended it in Invest?

Just checked and you’re right… it’s suspended in my ISA though. Can’t move the slider to input a share number to purchase.