New layout is just not it

I would like to add my 2p here.

Don’t be afraid to change things in the future. We appreciate your innovative approach and not being afraid to try new things. I agree you can’t always get it right BUT in my 2 years of using your app this is the first “hiccup” that I can think off.

Keep up the good work :+1:


Thanks George. Love all of the other changes in this update, and app looks very slick. Glad that you’re always trying to keep things innovative, new and added features. Not everything works out, but at least keeping things fresh and listening to the feedback of users :sunglasses::+1:

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Thank George!! It means alot that 212 listens to its users!


Totally right, they reduce the functions, its more basic and the position disapear as well they dont indicate on the chart your position only on the website.

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Thanks for rolling back this change George and listening to your customers. :+1:

Was there any reason why they changed the layout? I mean it was working perfectly fine.

They could have used this time and resource to work on more important aspect of trading 212 like the implementation of new features, I’m thinking level 2 data and pre/after hours trading for the ISA accounts etc.

Sometimes you do feel trading 212 gets it’s prioritises in the wrong order.


Yes- it’s explained in the very thread you’ve posted in…

Different teams of dev’s work on different problems, with differing timescales and differing complexities.

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Guys, let’s all try to be more supportive and give constructive feedback! :+1:t3:


I don’t think anyone has mentioned a change I’d like to see reverted, or at least given an option over. When on the instrument page you used to be able to flip 90° and be straight into a chart, now you have to press a screen button. I’m relatively okay with this. The issue I have is that depending on which period display is chosen (1D 1W 3M etc) you get different display period in the chart. For example; a 1D display on the standard chart on the instrument page will give you a detailed chart with a 5M unit measure, a 1W display on the standard chart on the instrument page will give you a detailed chart with a 30M unit measure. I’m assuming that this is so that a 1D selection on the instrument page will give you nearly a single day’s chart when in landscape mode, and 1W will give a nearly 7 day chart. That’s all well and good, and some clever thinking. However, I used the charts to get different views, not the same view (but wider). I would have the default 1D on the instrument page and flip it (now after a button press) to a wide view with a 1D base unit which gives a longer time span of three months on the chart. This is so that I can compare an immediate daily change with a more long term trend at a 90° flip of the phone. I can no longer do this as I have to press a screen button to get the detailed chart view and then press two other buttons to get the resolution (if that word explains it better) that I want on the landscape chart … every single time.

Again, I can see the logic of the change, and appreciate that this app is still being developed, but I doubt I’m the only one that prefers to see a chart of one day, and then a chart of a different period with a 90° flip of the phone (albeit with an additional button press). For me there are three extra screen buttons to tap every time I want to do this and I’ve got to say it’s pretty annoying that there isn’t an option to lock the landscape base time period now when it just remembered the previous setting before the update.

Not being salty, this is easily the best investment/trading app I use but the update has taken the shine off it a bit.

The new layout is totally lacking in sensibility - you want to see a complete summary of your holding on the overview screen, not have to drill down to get it.

Also the lack of DRIP support, enablement of participating in Shareholder meetings and inability to regularly invest using a fee-free method reflect a total lack of care and consideration for the existing user base.

Then there is the inability for well over a year to refer new people is pathetic.


Welcome Hedgehog - going to pick you apart I’m afraid though.

Can’t you sort of DRIP via pies?

I’ve voted in loads this year?

invest from free funds is already built

Lastly - I’m going to refer you to this post:

Don’t be a Karen!


Would have to agree.

  1. I have DRIP working through pies.
  2. I just voted on the ARGO shareholder meeting today, relatively pain free process.
  3. I haven’t set up autoinvest yet but perhaps they’ve just not picked up on this thread - New feature - AutoInvest now works with bank transfers!

All in all, we need users to try and push 212 for a better service for all, so it’s good to have @Hedgehog ‘s around. I think people sometimes forget there is no platform fee, etc. here(fx fee however), so there will be some limitations compared to other brokers while they try and manage the costs of what we receive vs service.

Personally, I would now like to see more markets as a long term investor, but others would like pre/post market trading, pies within pies would be cool, and so on. They’re probably not so high up the priority list.

Layout wise, it doesn’t really bother me so much the change, but everyone is different. An option to modify views would be cool - a simplistic/detailed view would be cool.


Ive already mentioned that when you open any chart on the mobile app it defaults to 5m everytime. If i leave the screen to check the history and then go back to the cuart its gone back to 5m. This happened since the recent update and is obviously a simple oversight. All else is good thanks.

My apologies, I missed your post. However it’s not just a case of it defaulting to 5M on the detailed chart. The detailed chart resolution is dependant on the simple chart setting as follows.

Simple chart Detailed chart Time period of detailed chart displyed
1D 5M Most of I days of trading without moving the chart
1W 30M 7 days of trading without moving the chart
1M 4H 5 weeks of trading without moving the chart
3M 1D 4 months of trading without moving the chart
1Y 1D 4 months of trading without moving the chart
MAX 1W 8 months of trading without moving the chart

I don’t think this is a bug, I think this is a design feature intended to give either the same or a presumed useful time period on the simple chart and the detailed chart, dependant on the setting of the simple chart.

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I have to say that my biggest gripe withthe new layout is that the financials are no longer as easy to scan and digest. It was one of the best elements of the UI. Now I can no longer tap and hold on the charts to get the figures, and because the Y axis is so poorly labelled on mobile it nakes the charts pointless. You might as well just have the figures there in plain text, as it would be more accessible. I hope this changes.

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I keep track of my investments outside of the T212 app (specifically in Google sheets) and I have to periodically check that my figures for number of shares are accurate. Having the number of shares in the portfolio list on T212 allows me to quickly scan each value as this is the only figure I cannot pull from Google (as it is unique to me, unlike price, ticker, etc).

Now that the ticker is shown, I have to click into each investment to see how much I hold. A considerably more time consuming endeavour.

I appreciate not many people may do this, but apart from the ETF explanation, what use is there showing tickers in Invest/ISA screen? It’s information we already know, unlike our amount of shares. You stated that since introducing fractional shares, the amount has become less relevant. I would argue it’s far more relevant, as it’s the hardest value to keep track of, so it should be the most accessible.

Thanks for your consideration.


So, I’ve just noticed that on desktop just now, like the app since update, that the pre-set watchlists (US stocks, UK stocks, ETFs, New, etc) can’t be hidden anymore. Can we please bring back the old version where there was the functionality to hide these? This is a retrograde step. Also, being able to rename “My Watchlist” would be good. My screen is full of watchlists that I don’t want. Not exactly progress given the other changes which aren’t very great either. I’m not trying to be negative for the sake of it, just give us the choice - those that want them can, those that don’t can choose to hide. Thanks.

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If this is possible, I love this compromise. This is the best of both worlds :+1:

The thing is that I remember ticker symbol by hearth because I did extensive due diligence on companies that I own so having ticker symbol on display is of no use. And how long does it take to Google it anyways. However, share count is always changing as you buy and sell so it’s super useful to see it at a glance. I just don’t know what the hell their product team is thinking. It’s either some low paid interns “brainstorming” new features on the spot or people who never use the app themselves (more likely I guess).

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If you read above, it’s nothing to do with no knowing what a stock’s ticker symbol is. It’s because people holding multiple ETFs by the same company have a hard time distinguishing which one is which by the full name. Regardless, I agree. Share count is important at a glance. But the solution is having both; as there is plenty of room.