New Web App for Invest & ISA

That’s an exceptional reaction time. However not completely what I had in mind.
If you account for the “your investment” and “pending orders” box, it’s pretty far away from the basic chart (can that possibly be customised to show candles instead of the line?).

What I miss is that information in the advanced chart - as of now the advanced chart is just that: a chart. It provides no other information or functionality except for the buy/sell buttons.

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@Doydoy What you’re describing will come with the upcoming Advanced mode.


Thanks. I totally confused myself as the switch to the beta layout was done with the link and I didn’t think about the settings menu. :+1:

Hi, I’ve read most responses but basically am I right in thinking PIES have not yet reached IOS?.

pies are in iOS :slight_smile:

Ok, so can I transfer my existing holdings into a pie format?

Yes, see this thread: Pies - Import / Export investments

I used the link but still getting the older version!!

Have I miss something as I am not getting the ‘Beta’ version?

On my iOS device I do not have the more options at the bottom of the pie, just edit and rebalance

I think you need to install TestFlight from the App Store. So you can get access to the beta version of the app.

I have the testflight app, opened it and nothing is listed, so I am guessing I have not been invited

I thought this had been rolled out, but IOS is still in beta test right?.

Anyone who can confirm when all of this is coming to IOS?.

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you should be able to switch between them from the settings menu

I’d like to say two things.
and 2) great job!

Where do we report bugs?

This is a big one for me…although i am in for a long term id like to easily visualise my stop lost and take profit points. I really like the way this is done within the CFD platform, so it’s a shame it’s not on the invest ISA platform.

What I would LOVE is to have the ability to drag and drop my stop around on a chart, now that would be great.

BUT…can i say one thing.

massive props to T212 devs here, as the requests for fixes or features come in…they’re pretty much fixed! It’s great to see.


Wow, just got given another reason to never leave my computer??? In all honesty though, the recent updates have been absolutely fire. Cannot WAIT for nested pies

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Hi all,
I’m new to T212 but not to trading, so I’ve made a pic of some suggestions for the type of information I would like to see available on the advanced view that has been talked about. Please tell me what you think. Cheers


Really like this update, please can you add the FX impact.


I love my dark modes… hmm… professional and sexy :money_mouth_face:

I love the preview mode. The old mode just kept adding graphs, even duplicate ones on to the display and the eventual ‘only 9 windows’ alert was very annoying.

One issue though is how it seems to be modelled on old CRT monitors. For modern 16:9 monitors, it would be nice to see the fundamentals on the right of the basic graph, instead of the waster space on either side. This adds more value to the preview mode data.

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