New Web App for Invest & ISA


On the investment side, could we maybe get the price/share of each company? Would make things much simpler to go through our portfolios!


Please can you guys show the trailing stoploss on the chart when you start working on the CFD web app?

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Is it just me or does anyone else also think the old platform was way better in every single aspect?

  • That instrument table at the bottom with the buy price and market price and the ability to sort
  • The separate tab for pending orders
  • Efficient use of the available space with all the panels on the left
  • and of course advanced charts by default

I hope the future “advanced mode” will be exactly the same as before with Pies (also the ability to sell while in Pie) , company details, and Trading history enhancements.

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I already have it, maybe they added later, have a look if you have it now

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nope… still the same:

You are not seeing the sell button most likely because you hold your shares within a pie. Shares bought by a pie can be sold only by the pie that holds them.


True … Just realize that! Still missing some function on it. In the case below let say I want to sell AMD. I need to go to withdraw button, then select custom them sell AMD. In may opinion can keep the Invest btn there and add a new column after result or a right click function that allow to sell individually. Thanks for the quickly reply!

@George, not to go off topic but, with the news that the Pies feature has now gone live and attention has clearly moved to improving the web UI, can I ask if this means theer will be - at least in the short term - more manpower freed up to address the backlog of stock and ETF requests?

Very conscious that a lot of the long term members here have had requests in the backlog since March and earlier. Are the team giving that a bit more attention now, as well as the ongoing fractional work?



@Kosta @George Updates on this?

Is it so hard to everyone realises that Free platforms need VOLUME of users, and for that matters, “advanced nerdy boring charts casino style” just do not have the correct appeal for the majority of retail investors on this planet?
George already said that the advanced mode will come with all those tools.

Cheers :v:

Big step forward!
Suggestion: In portfolio - the assets initial graph is rather bland. Any chance it could display with a default template?

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The default charts are the same! The old platform just has all the extra keys for advanced charting on the same chart window (so you don’t need to switch to another window to add/see indicators), plus it loads your default setting every time (so you can choose whatever settings your brain is comfortable with). Cheers!


Is there any update to:

1)Limit orders or stop orders for fractional shares? Auto limit for x% gains?
2)Graphs being able to show individual orders (not average) that we can close with one click?
3) Viewing individual positions tickets accompanied with a sell button?


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It’s all nice and good, but what I am really looking forward to are -

  • Limit orders on fractionals
  • AM / PM trading
  • Hong Kong stock exchange

Can’t make T212 my one and only platform without those features.


I would love to see something like this. A graph of my pies performance since inception, maybe display it like this…basically anything that is going to keep me out of excel is fine with me.

knocked this example up in figma

This is also my ARKK custom pie if anyone is interested. This is a combination of all their ETFs, picking companies I want in there. Using their ETF of of 39 stocks to allocation the weight.


can you explain this? Are you trading all day, if you’re interested in the HK exchange? Are you not able to just open a pending order?

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Sure, AM = After-Market & PM = Pre-Market, I do a lot of day-trading so AM/PM is important for me. You can’t trade HK stocks as it is not added on their platform yet, although I remember them saying it was on their pipeline couple of months ago.

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As always, I lead this with how much I like the platform as there’s just part of me that cannot bring myself to pay a per trade fee.

Something that frustrates me with pies and an example below, mainly as I made a 30 company fund and forgot a company and had to change everything slowly…

Say I make a pie

Then realise, oh wait! How did I forget Facebook! So then go and add it like below

There’s no way to then automatically ‘balance’ the slices to equal sizes (or close) like below (Unless I am totally missing it and am a fool). Leading to adding a single stock becoming time consuming having to type each percentage allocation again.

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I wonder if there’s any way to change percentage in bulk. Like select stocks, and type in number once. Would be handy because I have quite a few 1% and would save me a minute that way