New Web App for Invest & ISA

This would be handy, but if you think about a pie like an ETF I guess no ETF has holdings that are all the same…a bulk adjustment would be cool though.

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Link broken :slight_smile:

sorry dude try this

You almost matched our designs down to the last pixel!


nice to know we’re aligned :wink:

But glad something like that is coming…I basically took 3 screen shots and overplayed them the way I wanted ha


Great work, much clearer for less advanced users.

One addition that would greatly help is some more data on the instrument when you click on it. Like showing the last close price. open price, days range low & high, 52wk low & high. I’m guessing you have access to all that info. Could put it in a panel below the chart period selector but before the pending orders.panel. It used ti be there on the info option of the instrument.


Edit: Something like this…

Screen Shot 2020-09-11 at 11.01.37


Market closed or open? I see this with all stocks on new web app:

9:12… markets should be open. Both Frankfurt and LSE.

Just came to let you know that absolutely love this new app.
Still haven’t explored all of the features but so far it seems great and the UX feels awesome!
Thank you

Sorry, I meant default chart constructed by the user!

Im having trouble accessing the link - it reverts back to the old one. Any tips on how to fix this?

Wanted to put just +1 but there is a minimum of 20 chars.

Any thoughts on this feature, even for the basic view?

Just curious…why do you want 20 charts?

The invest / ISA platform is meant for long term investing, IMO for that you dont need 20 charts…

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I am unable to place buy or sell limit orders on the new web app.
It says that the entered price is too far from current market price. I placed a sell order on BABA with a sell price of 300 when the current price is 271. Anyway, there should not be a validation done for a limit order.

EDIT: Actually it is the same for current web app too. i think this should be removed. Cant I expect like a 10% rise in a stock price ?


Would it be possible to have a view on the stock that we bought but we could see the price of each entries and the average of all the same asset? I cannot see it on the web portal. Thanks


Hi, that’s all very nice, still I cannot see the pies in the web though, only “investments”.

Thank you

if you mean the similar view on investment tab as in the old web app, then if I understood correctly it should become available via advanced mode when it gets included in the new web app.

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Also is it possible to correct for Rightmove’s stock split?

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Hi, all.

I’m glad to inform you that we’ve just made an update on our platform.

New features:

  • Pies in Practice mode
  • FX impact on investment return

Bug fixes based on your feedback:

Plus many other small fixes and improvements.

We continue to follow your feedback aiming to build the best trading platform.


Thank you, is working now.
I can see the pies on the practise account.

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