New Web App for Invest & ISA

Hi, all.

I’m glad to inform you that we’ve just made an update on our platform.

New features:

  • Pies in Practice mode
  • FX impact on investment return

Bug fixes based on your feedback:

Plus many other small fixes and improvements.

We continue to follow your feedback aiming to build the best trading platform.


Thank you, is working now.
I can see the pies on the practise account.

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Love the dark mode.

Any thoughts on having dark mode as default?

there’s a weird bug with the portfolio charts, clicking around on different holdings in my portfolio then changing from different time periods, every now and then the percentage changes are wrong, seems to happen randomly with any holding, see screenshots below. I wonder if anyone else can replicate? best way I can describe to replicate is just click around in different timeframes on different holdings in portfolio until it happens. refresh of browser can solve it sometimes but then randomly comes back. using chrome.

edit: also happening in watchlists, see screenshot below of ‘popular’ watchlist

Some suggestions for the update:


Coloured volume bars would be a great addition especially for CFD, like the screenshot below. The current volume bars are so tiny, they’re barely even visible and they are all the same color.


I have requested this before, and others are interested: How to show volume bars on the chart? Like finviz


A working “Upcoming Earnings” list. It’s rarely updated. Salesforce is still on the list for me. Relevant feature request / bug report here:


Make stock names copyable (I think this has already been mentioned)


Show trailing stop on CFD charts. Make them drag-able like the regular stops.


Add to watch list from advanced chart.


Mirror watchlists between practice and real accounts. We currently have to create them manually in the practice accout even though they’re already set up in the real account (and vice versa).


Deletable / hideable watchlists. I don’t care much for cannabis. “Nice to have”, but not vital.


Please fix the VWAP.


In the old format, there used to be an instrument details tab beside the chart (screenshot below). Advanced chart doesn’t show this info.


Also bug report:

I cannot type into the “Indicators” search box. It closes whenever I click it with the mouse:


BUG : my pie indicates that it is on track, despite being forecast to achieve 81% of the goal…

If you have selected it once, it should be active every time you login.

Just a suggestion. The allocation box and details box beside it would make more sense to be above the investment and pie table so it appears below the invested and returns square.

It’s kind of annoying I have to scroll all the way to the bottom to see a good visual presentation of what the overall portfolio looks like.

EDIT: or at least have the Allocation details as the default box on the right when you click onto the portfolio view rather than a graph of the first stock in the portfolio.

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hi , no matter what i try i`m just sent back to the original web app on my pc ? any advice thanks

Is it possible to toggle off the visibility of watch lists we don’t want to see, like we can on the mobile app? I.e. turn off UK Stocks, Top Losers etc

The STAMP DUTY is a great idea . . . and the rest as well :sweat_smile:

This is for the new Invest ISA platform not the CFD one. However this is a good feature idea, id like to see stop losses on the chart and have the ability to drag them around to where i want them


Hey Kosta

Would it be possible to have an option to always show the FX impact dropdown? It is annoying to have to click it each time. On the mobile app once I have opened the breakdown once, it is always open by default.

Heads up too that on the pies list the gain/loss has lost its colour.


I agree. On web app there is enough space to show it immediately without dropdown. The i icon isn’t that clear that it is a dropdown.


We’re seeing that a lot of users engage with the FX impact component on a daily basis so it makes sense to allow it to remain always visible.


Every company has its turn to hire that designer, who used to be an entrepreneur trying to sell vegan kale cupcakes, and on his first day at work he screamed and cried “mobile first” and now everyone avoids making eye contact with him let alone trying to have a conversation.

After trying real hard to stick with the UI, I failed and reverted to old interface. The new web ui is “cute” and probably looks very flashy on a tablet. But it has little use on a real desktop with a real screen with a resolution higher than an average calculator.

It adds nothing to the old interface (well except mandatory pie related stuff) while removing functionality. It is very positive step backwards in my opinion.

I hope the old UI will stay there as long as it can, and we’ll have to switch to new one just to play with “pie” related stuff.


@kali I am very curious about this:


@chantal yes I still have hope.

And may be my above post sounds a bit more gloomy than I actually am but I was really looking forward to this update, I was the first one to comment and congratulate on this thread. But frankly for now it is a massive disappointment

Even a few weeks before release I was scared of this happening and asked George tentatively “hey dude you are not making one of those good for nothing mobile first web sites are you?”

And new one or old one there are so many arbitrary blocks on selections.right clicking moving scrolling etc…

everytime I need to copy a piece of text from share info, blood shoots through my ears. I need to go developer tools inspect selct text in html copy… I mean why?..


Hahaha Yes I completely agree