No more than 0 positions?

@David @George why is this happening?

You should check what your trading preferences are;

No invest, I’ve just withdrawn all my money and I’m changing to free trade

Check above mate i edited comment

Best of luck with that, I’ve just swapped from there after having 30 out of 31 trades fail on me three days running.

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@David @AlexK how long does it take to receive my money ? As my withdrawal hasn’t been processed? I withdrew it at around 15:20

It will take 3-5 working days

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That’s a lot of trades in 3 days to fail @Donald_Duck. Are you setting SL too close?

Freetrade doesn’t have stop limits

What’s free trade? Never heard of it before

Broker, similar to Trading 212 but costs more and offers less functionality and range.

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Free trade has no charges :joy: has all the same stocks and even more that t212

£3 a month for an ISA, 0.45% forex fee. Soon locking stocks behind a £10 a month paywall.

You can shill all you want but don’t lie.

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@James1 Hi Sean, I see you’ve created your 20th+ troll account :slight_smile: This one I’m just silencing as you’ve already mentioned and we don’t want any censorship here.


Freetrade is a joke :rofl: They use fear as motivation for staff and are all round just not ass good as T212 + They dont have nearly as much stocks OR auto invest coming out. When Robinhood come out ill be switching over to the, massive company already valued <8 Billion. When they do come out Freetrade will just be forgotten and Trading 212 will be left in the shadows with the die hards but for now Trading 212 is your best bet.

Robinhood will be a joke at launch too. No ISA, Dollar accounts, US stocks only, still selling order flow.

It will be Freetrade but a bit shitter.

@Donald_Duck Joe is our friend Sean, again. FYI :slight_smile:


HAHAAH Spotted the die hard :rofl: You really believe in your head that Robinhood would launch a Uk service without an ISA? You can’t be okay. It literally says on their website that they will have an ISA, Insured Money, GLOBAL stocks + Dollar accounts will only be for US stocks same as T212 but you can actually change the currency unlike Trading 212 so DONT TRY IT AND GET IN THE BIN

Can’t believe how sad and lonely you come across that you’d dm and post this. I hope things get better for you soon.