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Good evening,

Let me put you in the picture. I currently reside in Spain and under current legislation I am obliged to declare all deposits made in foreign entities (Form D6). In order to complete the documentation, I need the monthly statement as at 31 December. My surprise was that when I looked at the mail, I had nothing about this statement. After a while, I realised that my account email was misspelled.

I contacted technical support so that they could correct this mistake and resend me the documentation. They replied asking me for photos of me and my ID to verify my identity. Since then no one has contacted me (3 days ago). I am getting closer and closer to the end of the month and I am running out of time to submit the model, but no matter how much I insist I don’t get a reply. In the end I will miss the deadline and I will have to pay a penalty because they don’t have a proper customer service department.

It is outrageous that they have no other way of contacting me other than by mail and that they pay a minimum of attention to me.

With that I can only say that the service is terrible.

Does anyone have any idea what I can do?

Thanks in advance.


Welcome to the community. Having worked in a support role for a crypto community/exchange I can totally understand why your feeling this way but, to be totally fair to support, if using the same system we used it’s a nightmare getting through all the tickets coming in.

  1. Your ticket is submitted and goes into a queue

  2. Your ticket is opened and reasoned to

  3. 1000s more tickets have came in

  4. Those tickets along with tickets before yours are being actively responded to, followed up etc

  5. It’s a lot of work that goes totally unnoticed by the users submitting tickets

I’ll tag staff hopefully they can upgrade this for you to get sorted as the ticket system itself won’t know your on a deadline.

@Tony.V @David @Team212

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sorry if it sounds callous, but not checking your account details were correct is your error, not the customer service team.
what you can do next time is check much sooner than your deadline that all details are correct and verified so you have a smooth experience.

As cash has mentioned, there is a lot of work for customer service to deal with and identity verification has its time constraints, however it is one of the prioritised channels of communication and sees much faster turnaround than other tickets that are less urgent and handled by different teams. they have a decent team, but the workload is just that much greater.


Never knew they had a priority section glad to hear that.

It would be good for support to do a video on the daily figures they are dealing with.

I know when we did it a lot of people that were certs to send multiple tickets thinking it was all in one chat stopped completely.

Users had more patience and we as support felt the appreciation of what we where doing :slight_smile:

I forget which team member posted it, but I believe they said that ID verification is handled 24/7 by the ID team.

my take away is that the other teams likely work the standard shifts as they are more or less general queries et cetera.

It was actually me this was replied to believe it or not lol

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First, at no time have I said that it is not my fault that I typed the wrong email.

Second, this can not happen in any serious registration system because they send you an email verification email (I have not had to go to my email to accept anything to verify the account).

Thirdly, you are not in a position to judge whether or not I have been able to check whether or not my details were correct, what I can tell you is that in any financial service, customer service does not last more than a day. If I have any problem with my bank, I call and in less than 1 hour I have the problem solved.

It is not normal that they attend to my request, I send them what they ask for and it takes 4 days without a reply. Allow me to state that this IS a customer service problem.

I realise that their workload will be high, but perhaps if their volume is so high they should allocate more resources to customer service. I am not criticising your employees, but the company as such for not improving service.

Thank you for your attention.

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Sure, but is not the same case and i don’t have the same experience. I just need that they change my email and resend me de documentations.

Thanks anyway.

@jorgegarciax2 Greetings. I’m sorry to hear you had to wait. Our usual response time is significantly lower and at the moment a number of measures are taken in order to catch up with the demand.

I will send you a DM to arrange everything related to your request.

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@Michael.P Thank you for your attention, I look forward to it.

@jorgegarciax2 Surely a post highlighting good customer service?

No business is working in a ‘normal’ work environment right now, a lot of companies are stretched. As far as I understand, Trading212 has been going through a period of growth, which is brilliant - but probably weren’t expecting to have to hire and train any support staff ‘remotely’.

Myself I have started a new job ‘remotely’ in the past year, and it is not easy to try and maintain BAU activity and train at the same time.

@jorgegarciax2 you have raised a good point about needing to verify your email. If you want to post that under the Feature suggestions, I’m sure a lot of others would be willing to help upvote and see it gets priority attention by Trading212 as I actually think it is a really good idea.

Thats what I like about this forum - what other brokers provide affordable trading to the masses, and allow their community to discuss ideas and vent openly.

At no point has anyone mentioned the obvious - you get what you pay for. Trading 212 is a free trading platform and whilst that is great, there are “costs” to that, one of which is lack of real customer service. It feels like a tech start up more than a traditional brokerage.

Compare this to say, Hargreaves Lansdown which is expensive to trade on (c. £11 per execution if I remember correctly). Yes this is expensive BUT the upshot is they have a telephone number and someone usually answers next to immediately. Also, their platform wasn’t down last night when all the free services like T212 and Etoro were.

I’m not having a moan about Trading 212, it is great that they offer free share dealing. But there are drawbacks to it, customer support levels being one of them.

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