Reduction in T212 quantities

Come April, I would normally transfer 20K worth of shares from my invest account to my ISA account, by selling them in the invest account, transferring the cash and buying them back (hopefully at a lower price). Because of the various restrictions, I won’t be able to do that with some of the shares. Do T212 have any plans to suspend the restrictions in early April to facilitate that, and if not, can you give some consideration to it?

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@Bogi.H @B.E @ @Michael.M @Momchil.G @David

Please review the Caracal Gold, ticker #GCAT .
Daily volume is stretching to tens of millions.
Main LSE listed.
Currently limited to 693k shares.

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Hey @Andy, we’ve increased the max order quantity and position size for Caracal Gold (CGAT) to 1 600 000.

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Hi can you please increase limits for MARA and RIOT.


Please can you increase the range at which you can set limit order buys/sells on SXPE, SMI3 and NIOS these leveraged shorts have huge price ranges but the limit orders are limited to moves that they might make in half a day!

Please kindly increase max position size of



It has 490million mcap but max position size is 288€ worth of shares xDDD

Thanks @Team212

Could you also have a look at Firering Strategic Minerals


I can only own 300€ worth of shares currently xD which limits me quite a bit

@Tabbyh7, we won’t be increasing the limits for Marathon Digital (MARA) and Riot Blockchain (RIOT) at this stage, but I’ll let you know if anything changes.

@bmbm365, the distance for placing a limit order with those three instruments is already 100% of the current price, and we won’t be increasing it for the time being.

@JustLookingThx, we’ve increased the max order quantity and position size for Neometals (NMT) to 8 000. We’ve also adjusted the trading quantities of Firering Strategic Minerals (FRG), and now the max order quantity and position is 10 000.


Hi, could you possibly review limits for OPG Power? Profitable company with long track record and daily avg volume of 330k, but max position is 6k. Many thanks.

@Plethora, it’s done :heavy_check_mark:

We’ve increased the max order quantity and position size for OPG Power Ventures Plc. (OPG) to 15 000.

Thank you for that, Bogi.

Hi thanks for getting back to me. I just looked at the max for one of them SMI3 and its only 50% range. If we are looking at 100% as a fair range then for triple leverage maybe 300% range is equivalent? :laughing: :sweat_smile:

@bmbm365, my bad. I’m sorry for the misunderstanding. The maximum distance for placing pending orders with ETFs/ETPs is 50%.

Hi please can you increase the purchase amount of CPP group?

Also I hold and want to average down on a stock called Westminster group but it says can’t purchase because of unfavorable price. However I only purchase using limit orders not market orders. Is there any way for me to purchase? If this is a long term issue please do not list equities that can’t then be executed :+1:

Hey, @bmbm365 - we’ve increased the max position and order quantity of CPP group to 144 each :white_check_mark:

As for the Westminster group, the issue is more related to a lack of regular quotations than anything else. As a result, this instrument, along with others with the same characteristics, have been placed on close-only since July to avoid delays in execution and etc. Here’s where you may learn more :arrow_heading_down:

P.S. We’re constantly monitoring the situation as it develops, so if the market conditions of any of those instruments listed in the article improve, we’re ready to review their status and maximum quantities.

Him. Can we pleaze open up OREAF,even in reduced quantities? I asked this before but i would like to average down. T212 blocked it 2 months after intriducing lt to the platform

For the time being, the buy orders for Orea Mining (OREAF) will remain suspended, @Andrikos. Nevertheless, if the situation changes, I will update the thread.

The current link to the list is giving me an error message. Has anyone got a copy they can send me?

Hey, @krr13. I’ve just sent you a DM, and we can take it from there. :v:

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Hi can you increase the limit for ATNF please. Thanks

Done, @Tabbyh7 - we’ve increased the max order & position sizes to 2749 each :white_check_mark:

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