Reduction in T212 quantities

Hey Michael, is it possible to share the list here - when click on the link at the top of this thread you no longer can see the restrictions by company/ticker? I want to see how I can balance my holdings between shares which are restricted here and my other broker.

Thank you in advance

Apologies, finally was able to access the list with all instrument’s max position/order size here: Browse stocks and ETFs | Trading 212

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Will limit restrictions ever be lifted on all stocks eventually or is this a permnant thing now?

Are there alternative options such as paying for a premium account or even allowing experinced traders to have no limits?

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The maximum trading quantities will remain as long as they align with our risk management framework, @Tabbyh7. However, we review each request and update the quantities when necessary.

On a side note, there are no different paid subscriptions or tiers for any of our provided features. The conditions are equal for everyone.


Thanks that clarifies the stance on the situation.

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Hi, why is order quantity so low? This is a FTSE company (not AIM) so not sure why there is such a small limit on this company? I know the market cap is relatively small but its part of the main market

Trading volume was much lower when we first determined them. Nevertheless, as you know, the quantities are regularly revised, so we’ve now increased the max order & position sizes to 1,000 each.

Any chance the limits could be reviewed for VRPX?
They’ve changed since limits were first introduced so appreciate you’re reviewing them outside of these requests - thanks!

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Let me see what I can do, @random53 :eyes:

EDIT: We raised the max order & position sizes for VRPX to 3,620 each :white_check_mark:


Better than I could have hoped for. Thanks for the quick action!


Hi. I wanted to purchase more LUNR shares but I’m only allowed 6. Can this be changed? thanks.

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@Stmoritz, we’ve increased the max order & position size for Intuitive Machines, Inc. (LUNR) to 900 units.

Welcome to the Community, by the way :confetti_ball: we hope you’ll like it here.

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Could you add more RNER shares available to buy please, capped at 120

@Darryl, we’ve increased the max order & position size for Mount Rainier Acquisition Corp. (RNER) to 1500 each :ok_hand:

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Can you add more shares available on $ebac please

@Darryl, it’s done :white_check_mark: We’ve increased the order & position sizes for European Biotech Acquisition (EBAC) to 1000 each.

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Please can you increase quantities for Brandshield systems please.

Please increase the ISA limits for Card Factory (CARD).

Done & done, @bmbm365 , @David4 - we raised the max order & position sizes for Card Factory to 39,321 and for Brandshield systems to 9,179 :white_check_mark:

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What is the current limit for Severn Trent water?

For Severn Trent’s LSE listing, the max order size is 9,983 & the max position size is 22,430.

For the instrument’s OTC listing, the max order & position sizes are both 55.

Here’s where you can check :arrow_heading_down: