Reduction in T212 quantities

Please look at raising the Max Size Positions on: $WULF in ISA/Invest

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Done. :ok_hand:

We’ve increased the maximum order and position sizes for Terawulf (WULF) to 94,000 units.


Thank you @Michael.M

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Does anyone have a link to the position size limits list please as the one above doesn’t show what position size limits are just what stocks are available

Here you go @Ghalljnr : Maximum Position Sizes
It may take a couple of seconds for the position sizes to appear once the page has loaded.

LFCR is currently limited to maximum of 1112 shares. Avg daily volume is 800k shares and market cap is 100mm so why is this limited to a position of ~$3k?

This has gone on since August '22… looks like I will be closing my account on t212

Hi guys, Could you increase the max order & position size for eqtec please.

Many thanks.

@furstyferret, we have risk management procedures according to which we set the max quantities. However, we increased the maximum position & order sizes for Lifecore Biomedical, Inc. (LFCR) to 6 000, which equals ~$20k.

@Gavin212, done :white_check_mark: We increased the maximum position & order sizes for EQTEC (EQT) to 5 000 000.