Tesla: this is just the beginning

Environmentalists, unions and conservative consumer mentality will have a say in Europe. And Tesla will have to learn and adapt fast to prevail in uncharted territory. Europe is not what Musk thinks it is. Fortunately.

Provocative on purpose, please don’t feel offended. Just starting a conversation :wink:


But post-brexit europe (aka greater germany) will want all and literally any business it can get?

Funny how tesla needs to be rapidly bought by the super rich investment groups despite them not wanting to and we get nothing but bad Tesla news… strange
Just goes to show who really runs our world

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Easy way to get rich:

1 Work
2 Throw all your money into tesla stock
3 wait
4 rich


@InvestOnly is Rich the name of the man from the debt collection agency? :rofl:


Why not hold something with a lower market value for example, NIO, that’s gonna blow them out of the water with their technology, finish to detail, NIO houses, BaaS, a lot more growth room and an easy trillion dollar company within next 10years.

Which would you prefer??


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And tesla is just gonna stay still those 10 years right?

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2D :new_moon: :lollipop:


Is this a joke?

Please, nio can’t even make there own batteries for a eletric car :joy::joy:

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Brooo how can you think comparing a sports car to a bottom of the line car is a good argument. Yes I think Audi is terrible, look at the A1. Look at the Toyota Supra. Much better brand🤦🏽 You gotta compare price points and car classes. Base model roadster will have a range of over 500 miles and do 0-60 in 1.9 seconds… base model. And is only $200,000. What does the NIO do? I looked it up. 7.1s 0-125mph. Doesn’t say the 0-60. About 200mph top speed. Pretty sure roadster is 250 or around there. NÜRBURGRING time looks pretty good, Model S plaid was around 30s behind (unofficial) we’ll have to see how the roadster does! Excited to see it

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I can tell you what nio does, they fund the comunist army :orangutan::orangutan::orangutan:

That’s just racist lol

I just lifted the first two pics I seen. Will jump in though and get a more “fairer” line up. Here’s a fair judge and read


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If there’s one stock not to bet against its Tesla, laugh it up and then watch it go

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Shame there were no communities like this in 99’, would love to revisit communications of folks invested in what seem at time bulletproof companies.

Then again, non here bought in March when Tsla was crashing like rest of the market. So it goes to prove a point, laud when you are at peak.


Once you show me March 20-24th order of Tsla I will buy 1 share.

I bought hands and fists back then, so I presume tsla fanatics were going to banks for extra cash to put it on tsla.

But I guess, it is just loud tsla fans, all bought in after it rocketed to new highs.

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im a student, im poor :frowning: Wish i bought more but yea now that i have a work, im pretty much throwing my whole monthly wage in on tesla for past 5 months or so. Too bad it wasent quite march tho