Thoughts about Genius Brands?

@Revelcsi1iicidem I have no interest in this stock but I actually thought you were serious

I’m bullish on the company but I don’t know what people expect from a little news report. It had its pump now it will find its new area of support etc and I think consolidate until some more news enters, but I am bullish on this stock I think there going to restructure very good

Well the team to turn it around is failing for last 8 years, plus the dilution done using this situation.

Amazing opportunity long term, bullish as a sheep… :sheep::sheep::sheep:

@Vedran you need to change your name to negative hater because all you do is sit on the community all day arguing and going against people. I’d love to see your portfolio


I am lurking all this great ideas and secretly buying GNUSs, NKLAa and all this wonderful companies with bright future. :beers:

You probably are so don’t lie to yourself

I thought you where serious about it going to over 10

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That’s why it is always good to do your own research :smiley:.
Or at least check sources.

Good thing it’s the practice account lol wirecard is where it’s all at now!!

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Lol I knew this was a joke because of pending eve tho out of hours but haha

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Lol after a red candle day it’s good to have a laugh and enjoy what lies ahead :joy::joy::joy:

I wonder if they’ll find that missing £1.7 billion.

Probably down the back of the sofa.

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it’s all about those zero’s. their monkey accountants must have forgotten to carry a few 000’s xD


:raising_hand_man: Oh hey Keith

:ok_man: wow is that a new yacht?!

:bearded_person: Yeah it was a good price, got some spare cash recently…

:man_shrugging: What a few hundred million?

:bearded_person: well just lucky I guess, let’s just keep it on the down low. Ok.

:tipping_hand_man: can you lend me some cash?

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Going to be a push towards $4 on GNUS starting tomorrow :eyes:

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Great buy atm for rally to $4/4.30. Resistance is at $3 and has broken its 5 day moving average :rocket:

In the long run I really believe there going to turn it around, kartoon channel seems like a newer version of kartoon network hah

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It was heading to $2 yesterday but basically someone who goes by lionmaster stepped in and pretty much pushed it to $3 himself.

When you’ve got millions to play with and followers it’s pretty easy to manipulate a stock.

None of the increase yesterday was actually to do with the product or news, it’s still very much a pump and dump stock so you can’t get too greedy.

Did you not read the news yesterday about it? Think there is a bit more to it than someone just pumping and dumping lol

Well today PreM it is 7% down… I admire folks with curage to put money in such rollercoasters. :slight_smile:

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