Top 5 stocks for 212 members

My current top 5 in my pie strategy:

  • Apple - 5,5%
  • Microsoft - 5%
  • ASML - 4%
  • SHELL - 4%
  • Nextera Energy - 3,5%
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Alphabet 4.1%
Humana 3.9%
FMC 3.8%
Amazon 3.6%
Netflix 3.6%

Zoetis 3.4%
Adyen 3.4%
Berkshire Hathaway 3.3%
Starbucks 3.3%
Nvidia 3.2%


Here is my Portfolio as of today


Oh, great options. Good thing that you can buy them all at Amarkets, and the price is great now.


Someone has to start - does NVIDIA not look a bit like a bubble?

To me, personally, no. But to all the ETF and value/dividend holders, it was overvalued since a very long time.

I think it will only take one earnings miss and it will go down hard. I dont think it will happen any time soon.

All I want is it splits 6:1 one more time so I can start saying “I bought NVIDIA for pennies” my current purchase price is £5.12



damn how long ago did you buy to have purchase price of £5.12

Nvidia 4.0%
Alphabet 3.9%
Humana 3.7%
Amazon 3.5%
Netflix 3.5%

Zoetis 3.4%
Starbucks 3.3%
Adyen 3.2%
Berkshire Hathaway 3.2%
FMC 3.1%

FMC dropping like a stone. Nvidia flying.

Not that long ago, at least for an old man :slight_smile:

actually I bought a lot cheaper than £5.12(5.12 being MA as in moving average) I started saving my transactions to a ledger in Nov 2018 and since then apparently my first purchase was on 30/05/2019 10 shares (or 400 after splits) @£3.4778

I have been constantly selling/trimming for the last 15 months tho.


always smart to take some profits as i think most people can agree its very overpriced atm


Based on price to earnings ratio, it is as fairly priced as it has been for a few years.