Web App - Advanced View

Point 12. ‘Stock tabs fixed in place’ now resolved.

Many thanks.

Thanks @britsy_em for mentioning. It has nothing to do with what I’ve been asking though. It’s even worse than what was initially in place coz you gonna need an extra click to place your order :thinking:

The point of my suggestion was to reduce the amount of clicks and pop-ups needed to complete a transaction.

With an instant buy button, you enter the amount/quantity you want, then you arm the order by clicking the buy button once and you trigger the order by clicking once more.

So you go from: “click buy, pop-up 1, enter amount, click buy, pop-up 2, confirm”

to: “enter amount, double-click to buy”.

Usually, brokers even offer an option to remove the double-click security so you can choose to go for: “enter amount, click to buy”.

Right now, ordering is absolutely tedious :innocent:

(granted, I’m a lazy fucker…)

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Haha, fair enough.

Am aware though, thus the ‘partially introduced’ statement. Personally I don’t mind not having the single click option. and I suspect many others don’t either - I cannot recall seeing other instances of this or a similar request.

That said, am sure that if it were to be an option, I’d likely end up wondering how I ever lived without it.

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Funny thing is those “instant buy” buttons are available on the CFD platform so it’s not like they have to code the functionality from scratch before implementing it. There must be something else in their decision not to do so but I dont know what…
Anyway. It doesn’t really matter I guess. We enjoy zero commission + zero exchange fees on our trades and that’s by far the most important part :+1:

Wonderful surprise to see this has now been added, looks great and so helpful, now I can just stay on the one tab the whole time

Thanks guys!

I don’t get it why they are taking basic, useful info from the old app and hiding or eliminating from something called ‘Advanced View’.

With that in mind, would it be possible to have the buy/sell price (bid-ask spread) back just like in the old app so we can see it without the need to scroll down on every ticker please?

Would also be nice to have a buy/sell button when on Multiple Chart Mode (split view) just like in the old web app.

Also, can we have the movable order pane back please. The overlay blocks the chart and and other stuff behind it.