Wirecard Stock Suspended - Help

Heresy! No gambling around here, they are prudent investors…

Wirecard are a great company with a strong balance sheet. The numbers are simply unbelievable. All in, definitely going 1000x in the next week :smirk::smirk::money_mouth_face:


Well Wirecard is not listed on RobinHood. Otherwise this stock would be at pre-fraud price.


The fed have nothing to do with the stock market recovering, it’s just all the Robinhooders loving all the great deals on bankrupting companies


For all the people who were wondering in the comments before… I was SHORT! :wink:


same. except when I say I was short… I meant I was short the money needed to get involved LOL :laughing:


Chart says Oversold.

Haha very true!

Anyway the football is back so I am sure they are back to the betting shops.

To the moon… :rocket: Right?

What are the potential outcomes after the insolvency filing? Is Wirecard gone for good or could they still be saved somehow?

Is this situation similar to Hertz?

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Wirecard are gone. No business left. MasterCard and Visa will withdraw their business and countries are already banning them.

Save yourself a penny and avoid them

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Different story today - it’s up by 100% from Friday - but still very risky.

Why is wirecard suspended today on trading 212

I think the whole german exchange is currently suspended.

Xetra (Deutsche Boerse) is having some technical issues.


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Xetra down, we take the hit

we aren’t taking a hit lol its down and will come back on

So trading 212 haven’t suspended wirecard trading. Is it the German exchange the problem?

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Yeah, that’s correct.

absolutely correct T212 has not suspended anything

They’re having trouble calculating the new price :rocket: :crazy_face:

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