Wirecard Stock Suspended - Help

I have evidence to prove Trading 212 have breached

hi andre, please share!

Trading 212 purposely illegally suspended trading

The platform waiting for Wirecard to go down. Did not commence from 0800hrs but from 1103hrs

it was a problem with the Frankfurt exchange that T212 uses a broker

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Egg on face moment in 3…2…

@Andre here’s the thread this morning.

So you are telling me that Frankfurt Exchange is responsible and were not willing to pay out? Trading 212 are just as responsible so now you need to look at my account and reimburse what you owe. I have lots of evidence to expose this all on YouTube and other social media platforms. The market was moving and at one point hit above €6.8. I was up waiting to close my position for almost 2hrs and nothing was happening

Frankfurt Exchange payout for what, nobody could trade when it was down?

T212 aren’t going to payout either for not having pre-market access?

When it opened after ~11am is was back on T212 like normal.

I cannot allow Trading 212 to allow this to happen again. There were plenty of other traders like myself in the same position.

Please explain how you are allowed to skip 3hours of the WireCard chart.


Again the issue wasn’t with T212. It was the German exchange down, here’s a link if you want proof its all over the frickin news too.


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People had their Take Profit in place so effectively when the market resumes on your platform it needs to account for what was happening previous.

This is a breach, believe you me.

Who takes the money? Where does it go? You tell me please.

Take what money, what are you talking about.

So afaik between 8am-10:15am (UK) nobody could get a connection from Xetra.

This meant that no trading could take place until the exchange fixed their issue.

The pre-market opened up at 10:15am, if you had access to pre-market then you could have traded.

The general market then opened at ~11:00am, at which point you could start trading WDI on T212.

You aren’t going to magically get the price it was in the past, its what it is at that moment in time.

It’s fairly rare for the exchange to go down for that long, so it’s just unlucky.

lol this has made the emulsion paint in my eye pain a lot better :joy:

do you understand how trading platforms/exchanges work? you are being emotional with a price fluctuation. if price had plummeted during the night and you where in an instant negative would you accuse t212 of this also?

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:grimacing: :see_no_evil:

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yeah some off screen time fulfilling the wifes “do up the house” requests. Breaks to check prices and read some quality posts lol

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The CEO of Wirecard took your money.


there are other trading platforms using different prices. the tech glitch with Frankfurt unfortunately stopped us cashing in on the momentum and consequently lead to a further decline in its price

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@Andre Why are you attacking him? Edit: their post now deleted.

You choose to trade a very volatile stock. You know to only bet what you are prepared to lose. Its just very unlucky for the German exchange to go down, out of 366 days this year we probably won’t see it again.

Nobody wants to lose out from making profit, or have it fall below where they bought in, but you have to suck it up. Sorry if that sounds harsh. If you’ve been trading for any time you’ll know you won’t get the price in the past.

If you take a step back and look at what has been said with head instead of heart it should make perfect sense.

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exactly, shares don’t care about us so we shouldn’t care about them!!