2024 most wanted features

As you already know, i am loyal to Trading212, i love the platform, the customer support and the fact i can trade in any style i like as many times a day as i want.

  1. Please make the minimum amount of shares that can be bought over £300+ for all stocks.

  2. Please bring back the option to choose between last average price and bid/ask spread to match the other brokers.

  3. This is my main request, please integrate Trading212 into TradingView so that i can buy and sell my shares through the charting system on their platform like all the other brokers. Not only would this bring more customers to Trading212 but you would also increase revenue as TradingView suggests brokers that you can use with their website!

Thank you kindly, keep up the amazing work in making TRADING212 my favourite place to trade (i have already referred 5 new customers to T212) :gem:

Shout goes out to @Bogi.H for being such a helpful and fast responding person :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree, this especially would be fantastic.

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Are you using TradingView for trading or for investing? Who are these other brokers, I use Trading 212 and IBKR and both are not on TradingView.

Demo-trading yes, but since I’m on TradingView already for that, it would be useful to have T212 there as well so everything is in one place.

@VicVega IBKR does have integration with TradingView (although I don’t use it I just use TradingView in standalone form).

Interactive Brokers + TradingView | Interactive Brokers U.K. Limited

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Bid/Ask Spread pleaseeee. Would be a game changer for levereged shares.


We used to have it, but it was removed. Makes trading leveraged shares difficult.

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A trailing stop loss would be very useful as currently it doesn’t update and should keep at a certain percentage below a uptrending share price.


Would you please consider displaying TWR throughout the interface.
It is an industry standard and it gives a good quick glance to the portfolio performance.

  • Dividends being received in stock currency
  • Options trading

LISA would be a game changer, as most other platforms don’t offer or the fees are high (exception of Dodl, that has the weird UK sole Tax Residency AND Citizenship).

Plus T212 more flexibility in the instruments traded will mean it will be the best in the business


Please introduce a good SIPP as soon as possible.


And SIPP equivalents for non-UK residents (where applicable)

Completely echo this and would go even further - it’s a massive pain not being able to see time weighted rate of return. no idea why this hasn’t been done yet


Just started my pie and gotta say absolutely love the feature, everything is super simple and intuitive.

Wanted to add that it would be nice to have some dividend info for the pie, the same way how you get the cummulative total return to have the cummulative total dividend yield would be really nice addition to us dividend folks.

Also for the goal feature would be nice to have it in dividends received instead as my goal personally is making x amount of dividends per year, I’m sure I’m not the only one on that one. Either way, great feature, would be nice if we eventually get those quality of life additions aswell down the line.


@geo0rgi, I’ve just moved your post here to add to the dividend suggestions.

And a big thanks to everyone for sharing your feature ideas - we’re reading all of them. Some are already in progress, others will be started later on, but it’s great to see which features the community is all on the same page about!


Options Trading is what the streets need!


Could you share which are in progress? Thanks!


I don’t want to spill the beans on each one yet to avoid unveiling everything ahead of time. But I believe you’ll enjoy the top-voted feature on the list once it’s up and running.


I can’t see it anywhere so thought I’d post.
I’d like the ability to sort my watchlists please:

  • alphabetically (asc or desc)
  • by current price (asc or desc)

Can this be worked in to a future release?