💳 Introducing the 212 Card

Yes they do indeed … I just can’t justify yet another card with Starling but they are pretty good … I am closing my Zing - HSBC card though now that T212 has launched their.

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So if i visit Vietnam for example (a cash based society) which is a non supported T212 currency, with the T212 card:

    • to withdraw cash at an atm, i get a good fx rate, and i only pay the local bank atm charge, no other fees such as.foreign cash fee (2% up to £5 with natwest) and no non sterling transaction fee (2.75% natwest)
    • soon i can tie the T212 card to apple or google pay and i just pay the fx rate, no foreign purchase fee (2.75% natwest)
    • if i visit a country with a T212 supported currency, i could use that wallet, or just incur the low fx rate if i didnt have any of that currency

Would you ever do a credit card?

I ordered something from Boots. Then it prompted for the app to verify. So that transaction failed. Then I decided to instead register the T212 card with my Amazon account. Transactions on Amazon don’t prompt for any OTP or SMS or anything and just go through. So I’m planning to do the same with Paypal, if that works then that’s most of my payment methods covered, and of course it works in shops just fine.

Once I decided I was happy with the card, I figured I should tell my partner to get one. Unfortunately when ordering it, again it prompted for verification from the app. So she can’t even obtain the card without the app. I never got this prompt from my account, just loaded some money to pay for the card and made the request. That was a few weeks ago, maybe I should try again.

Trading212 - can you please share the status of implementing google pay on this card? Can it be expected in foreseeable future?

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Has anyone used their card abroad already and care to share experience ? In particular in the US ?

I can confirm that card works fine in Turkey. Just paid a dinner bill of 2010 TL for £49.05. Revolut would have been £49.68 including extra 1% weekend fee. But I will get £0.74 cashback with my T212 card. So T212 is better. Dinner was for 3 in outdoor garden of a very nice seaside restaurant. We had lamb dishes, salad, mezes, raki. Despite inflation here. Couldn’t do that in UK!


Bad day today with my T212card @Momchil.G when I logged on the other day I was invited to enable 2FA which I did and the app took a selfie and said it would be reviewed. I queried what was happening today via chat as I’d not heard anything and my card was subsequently frozen whilst the team checked and then I was advised card was unfrozen. I was out in town and when I tried to use my card it was declined both contactless and chip and pin (multiple attempts) I immediately opened a chat but 10 hours later no one has got back to me to resolve. I considered this an urgent issue as I’ve been using as my main payment card, but there is no way of inciting an urgent response. Hoping this can be resolved asap, but it’s knocked my confidence in the product, or moreso urgent support when you need it

I’m sorry to hear about that, @cmundo. The check was completed successfully, but it’s possible that the 2FA wasn’t enabled. A member of our team has just replied to your messages, so please check the in-app chat whenever you have a moment :pray:

We’re getting closer to introducing the Apple Pay integration. After that becomes available, we’ll need a few more weeks for the Google Pay integration. Rest assured that we’re working on introducing both options as soon as possible and will share more on the topic once we have any news.

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Would be awesome if you reconsider supporting Garmin Pay too :upside_down_face:

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Thanks for your response. The in app chat says there are no restrictions at your end so I tried a transaction on Amazon which failed saying

Declined, your account has been temporarily restricted from making card transactions.

I need to resolve as soon as possible as it’s my main payment card