Tesla a nose diving at the mo!

I’d hazard a guess the Anonymous hackers that everyone was ■■■■ scared of back in the day are probably in hiding, dead or working for the government as part of a plea deal. The guys that front it nowadays are just activists. I doubt Elon has gave it a 2nd thought.

Yeah I don’t think Elon will be phased but interested in how this plays out. I had also completely forgotten that anon was a thing it’s been so long.

On another note why are the posts above flagged as inappropriate and offensive…

I completely agree with you. I just meant there is hypocrisy on both sides.

Because we now live in a society where people find a difference of opinion offensive, rather than debating the issue.


Maybe Anonymous didnt like them :joy:


It depends on how far they would go, and how capable they are.

Look what darkside (apparently) done to colonial.

I’m obviously not justifying those actions either

I know what you mean with that, people are should be allowed to amicably disagree on things!

It’s all going abit 1984

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We all need Dan Pena in our lives

Warning: very explicit

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ah yes, Dan “ray of sunshine” Pena :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s always fun to watch a few videos on youtube of him talking haha.

I really like how measured he is

I’d rather say the fragility of people. It is people’s fault for buying and selling something (in this case crypto) because Elon or someone has tweeted good or bad. Don’t you think? I think these people are dumb as f*ck. Analysts and others do the same with the stock market but being it bigger and with more sellers and buyers, it is more difficult to move stocks.

I disagree. Wether people are dumb or not, he’s worked himself into a position of power and responsibility with an army of loyal followers.

I’m not doubting his intelligence or work ethic, because it’s clearly there, and fair play to the man. He sees the world in a certain way and has learnt to play the crowd.

But profiting off people that have elevated the Tesla share price so high, making him one of the richest men in the world doesn’t sit right with me.

A lot of the “dumb f’s” you refer too are probably hard working working class people that don’t have the same mental aptitude as him and are just trying to better themselves.

So for me, he’s as bad as the large financial institutions that have also profited from the people a lot lower down the ladder.

Disclaimer here, I know that sounds abit socialist, but I can assure you I’m very much for people making a good honest few quid! :joy:

EDIT: - and while a large financial instrument remains unregulated, isn’t it always susceptible to the “normal people” losing, and your JPMs and other financial institutions winning? Therefore, going against the reason why it was actually created?

Elon I used to have respect for but he’s just a total man boy, he needs to be slapped.


Elon’s (portrayed) persona getting cracks imo. He should know better but he chooses not to…


He’s definitely hurting Tesla’s image more than helping it at the moment, in my opinion. But theres also an unfair and bias media campaign against Tesla as well.

Still dumbs to me. If you are not prepared enough, you should not be investing in stocks, crypto, etc… Simple as that. He did not say to anyone buy or sell, but simply likes joking, and often says to not yolo into crypto, but people don’t listen. I just think that anyone has the right to posts memes and jokes, unless they are doing it for the purpose of their (or their friends, etc…) benefit. Simple freedom of speech in posting memes and jokes.

You nailed it with that one

That’s the beauty of it, not everyone has to agree on everything

Whilst everyone has the right to post memes and jokes, with great power comes great responsibility.

Literally no one cares if I shitpost. A handful of people might get a haha, does nothing to the price of any stock/crypto as I have no influence and I’m not a whale so I cant move the price on any cap.

When Elon does it he has millions of eyes around the world that see it with being one of the richest people on the planet with his 50m+ followers and thousands of news articles reporting on every tweet.

He can take or remove billions off the market.

About a trillion came off all crypto after Elon tweeted about not accepting BTC.

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Basically this. You can be prepared and experienced but you can’t predict someone’s actions, and when that someone has such huge influence then it’s flip a coin if it goes in your favour. It’s not just the new traders, or the greedy overleveraged trading on margin, it’s everyone affected.

He’s a plague on crypto. And I can’t see it stopping unless he gets bored. He tried doing with with TSLA before the SEC slapped his wrists, with crypto he has no one to answer to.

Well maybe anon, depending on what they do.


Just wait until we all have neuralink in our brains, then you can see his tweets 24/7.

Literally that is dystopia