Unlimited Free Share Referrals for Content Creators

Just use the link from your GIA and it goes into the invest account. It’s what I do to keep it all separate as obviously this is considered taxable income!

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I haven’t luckily had that much income when I was receiving the free shares before, but how are you declaring this? Under the income or capital gains section?

I’ve asked a few bloggers about this and a lot of people just tag it under capital gains as you have a £2k allowance there whereas as income once you cross £1000 (on a side hustle) on any form of income you need to declare it.

Also the promo code in GIA is the same as that in the ISA - there is no difference

Im not sure how you could class it as capital gains. I treat as income, there may be something in there that you can defer the tax on stock but I’m not smart enough for that.

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Fair enough.
Just checked all my free shares landed in my ISA as I said earlier - so I defo don’t think that is worth recording as income as it takes up your ISA allowance. Although the amount was less than £100 so not even worth thinking much about.

Eitherway, HMRC allows you £1000 tax free so worth keeping that in your back pocket. Thanks anyway.

Hi @L.D I have filled out a the Google forms as requested. Is the program still running ? It was some weeksago and I didn’t hear back.

@JayCais3 Hey,

The unlimited free share referrals programme is currently paused.

We’ll keep you posted in case of further updates.


The programme is on again. Anyone interested is welcome to join :v:


Does this mean new members will be able to join/sign up soon?



Tony just confirmed they will resume onboarding in Trading212 UK next monday, the 14th of February!


Hi @Tony.V I filled out the Google Form as I’m using the promo code for my Youtube Channel, but I didn’t receive any reply yet. Is it still active?

Thanks and kind regards

The team will get back to you with an update bit later today, @HumanTraders :man_technologist:

Thank you, much appreciated!

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Did you get a reply already? I filled in the form a few weeks ago (when it was announced that the unlimited free share referral programme was put on again), but I also haven’t received a reply yet… :pleading_face:

Yeah, it’s not active right now, so we cannot apply at this moment

Kind regards

Hi, Nick

Check your DM, please. :mailbox:

Submitted mine. Realised I hadn’t done it yet.

@HumanTraders , hello :wave:

The sign up for unlimited referrals is still available. We review the applications, and all that fit within the content creation requirements get their unlimited link. If not, we share our feedback on what to stress further to increase the approval chances - let us know if you have any questions regarding your application as a reply to our last email.

Oh, I’ll send you a DM for more clarification on this.

Thanks and kind regards


Will this be revisited for different kinds of content providers as I think you’re now reopen for all?

Asking for a friend :upside_down_face:

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